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epic Nano water filter pitchers

Epic Nano Water Filter Pitcher Review

The Epic Nano water filter pitcher is one of the few water filter pitchers in the market that removes microbes from drinking water.

Most water filter pitchers from brands like Aquagear, Zero Water and Brita, filter out a limited number of contaminants including chlorine, fluoride, chemicals and heavy metals. 

They leave untouched some of the most dangerous contaminants – germs.

In contrast, the Epic Nano Water Filter removes 99.999% of contaminants in water, including bacteria, virus and cysts. It purifies water just as effectively as a reverse osmosis system.

The high filtration performance comes at a price. The pitcher itself costs more than other water filter pitchers. The replacement Nano filter is also pricey.

Read on to learn more about the Epic Nano water filter pitcher.


  • Works as well as an RO system.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Pitcher is recyclable.
  • Double the filter life of other water filter pitchers.
  • Includes a digital filter life indicator.


  • Slow filtration – may not be ideal for large families.
  • Expensive initial and running costs.

Product Specifications


  • Capacity: 10 cups
  • Filter type: Sub-micron filter
  • Filter life: 150 gallons (about 3-4 months)
  • Filtration rate: 7-10 minutes per pitcher (10 cups)
  • Standards: NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 401, P478, P231

Filtration Performance

epic pure water filter pitcher

Epic Water Filters – the maker of this pitcher – doesn’t say exactly what type of filter they use in the pitcher. They only describe it as a sub-micron Nano filter.

The Nano filter is fine enough to trap 99.999% of impurities in water passing through it. It removes common contaminants like chlorine and chloramines, improving the taste of your well water.

It also removes tougher contaminants like organic chemicals (VOCs, pesticides, phthalates etc.), fluoride, and heavy metals like arsenic and lead.

If you use ground water, the Epic Nano water filter pitcher reduces the many contaminants found in well water including iron, copper, hydrogen sulfide and particulates among other impurities.

Microbes also don’t stand a chance with the Epic Nano filter. The filter eliminates over 99% of waterborne bacteria, cysts and viruses.

Germs may not be a major concern if you receive treated municipal water. Chlorine does a pretty good job disinfecting tap water.

But microbes are a big danger for homes that rely on well water. You’ll also love having the pitcher with you when camping or in an emergency. It’ll turn water from just about any source into safe drinkable water.

And if your local health authority ever sends out a boil water advisory, this is the water filter pitcher to get. It purifies contaminated tap water without having to boil it.

Filtration Speed

The Nano filters capability comes with a downside. The Epic Nano water filter pitcher is one of the slowest water filter pitchers.

When you add unfiltered water to the top part of the pitcher, it drips slowly through the filter to the bottom of the pitcher.

The company has actually improved the Nano filter to make it faster. But it still takes 7-10 minutes to get 10 cups of filtered water.

 But we think this is a worthy sacrifice. After all, the reason the filter is slower is because it removes far more and tougher impurities compared to other filters.

Great Tasting Water

In addition to making your drinking water safer to drink, the Epic Nano water filter pitcher also improves your water’s aesthetic. That is, the taste and smell of your water.

Even if you receive treated municipal water, it likely has a chlorine smell and some unusual tastes. Well water can have a rotten egg smell (hydrogen sulfide) or a metallic taste (iron).

As part of the filtration process, the Epic Nano water filter pitcher eliminates chemicals and impurities that introduce tastes and odors in water.

The result is crisp, fresh water that many people say tastes much better than bottled water.

If you’ve been buying bottled water to avoid the chlorine taste in your tap water or the weird smells in your well water, the Epic Nano water filter pitcher will save you money. As a bonus, you also contribute to environmental preservation as fewer plastic bottles end up in landfills.


The only maintenance the Epic Nano water filter pitcher needs is replacing the filter after 150 gallons.The filter replacement period varies depending on how much filtered water you drink.

Here’s what the company recommends.

Light Use (drinking 1-2 pitchers a day): every 4-6 months
Normal Use (drinking 2-3 pitchers a day): every 3-4 months
Heavy Use
(drinking more than 3pitchers a day): every 2-3 months

A digital timer on the lid counts down the days and reminds you when it is time to get a new filter.

What We Like The Most About the Epic Nano Water Filter Pitcher

epic water filter pitcher

Obviously, the filtration performance is the best feature of the Nano pitcher. We’ve yet to find another water filter pitcher that removes as many contaminants as the Epic Nano.

We also love the fresh taste of the filtered water. It makes it an easy decision to switch from expensive bottled waterto purified tap water.

There’s also the easy set up and maintenance. Unlike and under-sink or faucet-mounted filter, the Epic Nano pitcher doesn’t require installation. Just add water to it and you are good to go.

Maintenance is also easy. Occasionally wash the pitcher and replace the filter at the right time.

What We Don’t Like About It

We wish they made a family size pitcher. 10 cups is too little for a big family, especially considering how slow the filter is. You’ll find you have to wait for the pitcher to fill up with filtered water.

Users have tried pouring a glass of water when the filter is halfway through purifying the tap water. But there’s a problem. The way the pitcher is designed, if there’s still unfiltered water in the top part, some of it will trickle out as you try to pour the filtered water. So you have to wait until all the water is filtered.

A tighter seal for the unfiltered water compartment is needed.

Finally, there’s the cost issue. If you are looking for a budget water filter pitcher, the Epic Nano is not it. It’s not only pricey to buy, it’s also fairly expensive to maintain.

 The replacement filter costs almost as much as buying a new water filter pitcher. For large families that go through 150 gallons in no time

The Epic Nano Water Filter Pitcher Is Perfect For You If...

  • You want a water filter pitcher that can remove bacteria, viruses and cysts from water.
  • You use well water in your home.
  • You want a water filter pitcher that will give you safe drinking water when camping or in an emergency.

Avoid Buying This One If...

  • You are only concerned about tastes and odors in your municipal water. A basic water filter pitcher with an active carbon filter is cheaper and will eliminate all tastes and odors.
  • You are shopping for a budget water filter pitcher.

Our Bottom Line

It’s pricey and slow, but the Epic Nano water filter pitcher is still the best water filter pitcher for folk and families that want safe and great-tasting drinking water.

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