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Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House Water Filter

Aquasana EQ-1000 Whole House Water Filter Review

The Aquasana EQ-1000 is the top pick in our 2020 whole house filter buying guide

It has many great features, but we loved it for two main reasons.

The first is its excellent filtering performance.

The EQ-1000 has 4 stages of filtration that remove a wide range of contaminants from your city water including chlorine, sediment, heavy metals and chemicals.

The second is its extra-long filter life.

Most whole house water filters are rated for one year or 100,000 gallons.

The Aquasana EQ-1000 can filter one million gallons of city water before you need to replace the filters. This means that it can last 10 years if used by an average-sized family.

It’s more expensive, obviously, but you enjoy the convenience of never having to replace your filters for a decade.

The long-lasting filters in the EQ-1000 also make it ideal for large homes and institutions with high water consumption.

NOTE: If you are looking for a smaller whole house filter or something less expensive, check out our buying guide for more top-rated systems.


  • Long lifespan (around 10 years).
  • High-performance 4-stage filtration.
  • Includes a professional installation kit.
  • High water flow rate.
  • Greatly improves the taste and smell of water.


  • Not ideal for city water disinfected using chloramines.
  • It's big. It takes up more space and is harder to install. You may need to hire a plumber.

Product Specifications


  • Number of stages: Four (sediment pre-filter, Copper-zinc & mineral stone filter, Activated carbon filter and fine post-filter)
  • Filter capacity: 1,000,000 gallons (approx. 10 years)
  • Type of water: Chlorinated city water
  • Contaminants removed: Sediment, chlorine, some chemicals, rust, hydrogen sulfide, scale and heavy metals.
  • Contaminants not removed: Bacteria, viruses, some chemicals and dissolved minerals and salts.
  • Max flow rate: 7 GPM
  • Warranty: 10 years

Filtering Performance

aquasana review

With four stages of filtration, the Aquasana system removes most of the contaminants in your water from those that affect taste to those that can affect your health.

Let's have a look at every stage in detail:

First stage: Sediment pre-filter

The 20" pre-filter absorbs double the amount of sediment, silt, and rust than normal sediment filters, ensuring it lasts longer.

Second stage: Copper-zinc & mineral stone filter

This stage removes chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and copper.

The filter also prevents the growth of bacteria and algae that could contaminate the water as it passes through.

Third stage: Activated carbon filter

The third filter removes most of the remaining chlorine as well as other chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, VOCs and industrial solvents.

Fourth stage: Sub-micron post-filter   

Most whole house filters stop at the activated carbon stage. The Aquasana filter includes a sub-micron post-filter to provide a final purification before the water gets to your faucets.

This filter can remove organic particles and fine sediment as small as 0.35 microns.

Note that the Aquasana EQ-1000 does not remove chloramines in any of the four stages.

If your city water supplier uses chloramines, disinfectants made from a combination of chlorine and ammonia, then this filter might not be for you.

You can check which disinfectant your water contains by looking up the local Consumer Confidence Report on EPA’s website.

If you cannot find your utility’s report, call them and ask whether they use chlorine or chloramines.

Installation & Maintenance

aquasana whole house water filter review

Installing the Aquasana EQ-1000 is not the easiest of tasks. One of the challenges is the large filter sizes. Make sure the system can fit where you plan to install it.

Aquasana’s dual stacked design, where two filters are stacked on top of each other, can be especially problematic for smaller homes.

Most customers preferred hiring a plumber to install the system.

But if you have an afternoon to spare and have some DIY plumbing experience, have at it.

The system comes with a complete pro-grade installation kit. It includes brass fittings, four 3" nipples, two unions, and a support bracket, along with bend supports and shut-off valves for setting up a bypass loop.

All that you need to buy yourself is PEX tubing and food-grade lubricant to prevent leaks.

Identify the spot where you'll set it up – after water meter but before the line branches off – and have all your tools and parts ready.

Remember to switch off the main water supply and drain the pipes by opening several faucets.

Cut the main pipe and set up the system between the two cut ends.

The bypass loop is optional, but I highly recommend you install it. It keeps water flowing to the house when you are doing maintenance on the filters.

Talking of maintenance, the Aquasana EQ-1000 doesn’t require much attention after installation. Just check it occasionally for leaks.

You also need to replace the pre-filter and post-filter every few months (check the manual for the exact replacement period).

But the main filter itself is good for around 10 years.

When it’s time to replace it, you just need to unscrew the filter housings and replace the cartridges inside.

It's a bit messy, but it takes less than 10 minutes.

What We Like The Most About The Aquasana EQ-1000

aquasana whole house filter review

We love how thoroughly it filters water. It doesn't get rid of as many contaminants as a reverse osmosis system, but for a whole house filter, it does an excellent job.

In any case, you cannot buy a whole house RO system, so the EQ-1000 is the best you are going to get.

If you are concerned about the filter missing harmful microbes and certain chemicals, I recommend installing an under-sink or carafe RO filter just for drinking water.

We also love the extra-large capacity. The EQ-1000 is one of the few million-gallon whole house filters available in the market.

Other than basic maintenance, you can forget about the filter for a full decade after installation.

To back up the filter’s reliability and durability, the manufacturer provides a warranty for the entire 10-year duration.

While installation is not exactly a breeze, the manufacturer makes things so much easier by including an installation kit.

With most whole house filters, you have to buy most of the fittings on your own. With this filter, all you need is the PEX tubing. Everything else is included.

They even include an extra shut-off valve for those who’d like to set up a bypass loop.

The EQ-1000 whole house filter is pricey, but you get great value for your money.

What We Don't Like About The Aquasana EQ-1000

aquasana whole house filter review

If you are looking for a budget-friendly whole house filter, this is not it.

The system costs twice as much as other whole house filters. If you opt for extras such as the UV filter and the salt-free softener, you’ll pay over $2,000.

But the price tag is understandable, and I actually think the EQ-1000 is still good value for your money.

While it costs double the price of other filters, it provided 10 times the filter lifespan. Instead of getting replacements yearly, you buy new cartridges after ten years.

It also has more stages than most other whole house filters that consist of 2-3 filters. The EQ-1000 has four filters, including a post-filter.

One thing we wish it did though (considering the price) is to remove chloramines.

More and more cities are changing from chlorine to chloramines to increase disinfection effectiveness and reduce harmful by-products.

If your city uses chloramines, the EQ-1000 will not improve the taste and smell of your water.

Installation is another issue. As I mentioned, the large size makes the filters tedious to set up.

Many customers also say they experienced leaks.

That's why I recommend having a plumber install the system for you. It will cost you more, but it ensures the filter is installed properly and lasts for years.

The Aquasana EQ-1000 Water Filter Is Perfect For You If...

aquasana rhino review
  • You are looking for a high-performance whole house filter that can remove most of the impurities from your city water.
  • You family uses a lot of water, and you want a whole house filter you don't have to replace every few months. 

Avoid Buying This One If You...

aquasana review
  • Receive city water that has been disinfected using chloramines. This filter does not remove chloramines. Call the utility or check your local CCR report online to confirm which disinfectant they use.
  • You receive well water. This filter only purifies chlorinated municipal water.

Our Bottom Line

Aquasana EQ-1000

The Aquasana EQ-1000 is a pricey investment, but it's worth it.  The clean and fresh water you'll receive will make you glad that you invested in it.

No more chlorine taste, rust residues on your surfaces or chemical vapors when taking a shower.

Installation requires a bit of work, but maintenance and filter replacement are a breeze.

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