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Life Ionizer MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer

Life Ionizer MXL-15 Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizer Review

The MXL-15 is Life Ionizers’ latest and most advanced water ionizer. It is also one of the most powerful water ionizers in the market, being the only one with 15 plates.

Having more plates doesn’t necessarily translate to better performance. So the MXL-15 doesn’t rely only on its abundance of electrodes.

It also features more power than most water ionizers, uses a customized filtration system, includes a UV filter and incorporates its proprietary Life MicroMembrane technology to increase ionization efficiency.

All this doesn’t come cheap. The MXL-15 is the most expensive model in the Life Ionizers MXL lineup. It is also one of the priciest in the market.

In return, the water ionizer guarantees the healthiest water possible full of antioxidants and free of any harmful contaminants.

But does the updated model fully deserve the high price tag? We are not so sure.

Read on to learn more about the Life Ionizer MXL-15 features and capabilities.

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  • Excellent ionization performance – one of the best in the market.
  • Low ORP and wide pH range.
  • Easy countertop installation.
  • Convertible to an undercounter unit (requires buying a separate installation kit).
  • Customized dual filtration with UV sterilization for maximum protection.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Expensive.
  • Takes up space on the counter (but you can install it undercounter if you want using a separately sold kit).

Product Specifications


  • Dimensions: 12.5" W x 6.25" D x 15" H
  • Weight: 14lbs
  • Installation: Countertop (can also be converted into an undercounter unit)
  • No. of plates: 15
  • Plate type: Platinum-coated titanium XL Matrix GRID Plates (design increases ionization surface area)
  • Power system: SMPS (805 watts)
  • Water flow rate: 6 liters per minute
  • Self-cleaning: yes
  • ORP range: up to -1005
  • pH range: 1.7 to 12.2
  • Water settings: 8
  • Filter: dual filters + UV lamp for sterilizing microbes
  • Filter lifespan: 8 months for first filter, 12 months for second filter (replace both annually)
  • Warranty: lifetime

Ionization Performance

Life Ionizer MXL-15

To be honest, the MXL-15 is not that much of an improvement over the previous model, the MXL-13

The two extra plates don’t make a big difference. The pH range is the same, flow rate is the same and the SMPS power system is also the same.

Even the filtration system is the exact same one used in the MXL-13.

The biggest improvement is in ORP or Oxidation-Reduction Potential. This is the measure of a system’s antioxidant power.

The Life Ionizer MXL-15 can achieve an ORP of -1005. The MXL-13 only gets as low as -880.

Remember that the lower or more negative this number is the healthier the alkaline water that comes out of the spout.

If you are looking for the latest and most powerful water ionizer, the MXL-15 is a good choice.

But considering that it is around $500 more expensive than its predecessor, I’d say the MXL-13 is overall better value for your money.

You get roughly the same level of ionization performance while saving a god chunk of money that you can put towards buying the (also pricey) replacement filters every year.

15-Plate System 

Water ionizer manufacturers tend to boast a lot about the number of plates in their systems.

It is true that having more plates generally means better performance. However, the total surface area of the plates matters too.

An 11 or 13-plate system with more surface area is better than a 15-plate water ionizers that uses small plates.

Since Life Ionizers doesn’t specify the total surface area of their electrodes, it’s hard to compare the MXL-15 to other water ionizers with fewer plates.

But even without the actual surface area value, we can already tell that the 15 plates don’t make that much of a difference from other systems with 2-4 fewer plates.

That’s because the MXL-15’s pH range and ORP are close to those of other water ionizers.

Also, the MXL-15 has the exact same dimensions as the MXL-13, making it likely that they made the plates smaller to fit inside the water-ionizing chamber.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the MXL-15 and MXL-13 have the same electrode surface area.

Don’t get me wrong; having 15 plates is good. It greatly increases performance when compared to water ionizers with 5-9 plates.

But when compared to an 11 or 13-plate system, it feels a bit like a gimmick and an expensive one at that.

If you are torn between the MXL-13 and MXL-15, I say go for the MXL-13. You won’t lose much in terms of performance.

Life MicroMembrane™ and Life CleanTech™

Two special features worth mentioning are the MicroMembrane and CleanTech technologies.

Life MicroMembrane™ consists of a microporous membrane that enhances the electrolysis process. Essentially, it ensures that there is a complete separation of ions for acidic and alkaline water.

This lowers ORP (a good thing), increases alkaline pH and increases the proportion of the all-important alkaline water to acidic water.

Life CleanTech™on the other hand, is a technology that discourages the formation of scale from calcium and other minerals.

This makes maintenance easier and maintains the high ionization performance of the system.

Note: If you need more convincing that the cheaper MXL-13 is better value,these two features are also available in that model.

SMPS System 

Most modern water ionizers have moved away from the inefficient transformer power supply system. It doesn’t supply a steady current, uses up more energy and wastes a lot of energy too.

Instead, they use what’s called a Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) system.

The MXL-15’s SMPS system takes advantage of the higher wattage to increase ionization performance while also saving energy.

Settings and Control 

The MXL-15 uses the same control panel as the MXL-13 and several other models in the MXL series.It’s not my most favorite control panel. I’ll explain why shortly.

The touch buttons are well laid out at the top where you can easily reach them without bending. Selecting the type of water you want takes just a couple of seconds.

There are 8 water settings: 4 acidic, 4 alkaline and 1 purified (non-ionized water that has been filtered).

The alkaline water comes out of the hose at the top while the acidic water drains out of a tube from the bottom.

There’s also an on/off button and a menu button to access advanced settings.

That last one is where I have an issue with this control panel.

To select advanced settings, it’s not a simple matter of pressing the menu button. You have to press a combination of buttons on the control panel in a particular pattern.

For instance, to increase or decrease volume of sound alerts, here’s how you go about it.

  1. Hold menu button for 5 seconds. 
  2. Wait until ‘Vol’ shows up on display. 
  3. Press Filter 1 or Filter 2 button to increase/decrease volume

You have to press the Filter button quickly otherwise, the system will get back out of the menu function.

This is actually the easiest of the advanced settings. Other configurations like increasing the power setting of each water level and changing language take longer.

You do get used to the fussy control panel after a while. But it takes some time to remember that the ‘Purify’ button is a save button and that the Filter 1 and Filter 2 buttons are for scrolling or increasing/decreasing a setting.

It’s unnecessarily tedious and it’s surprising that even the latest model has it.

Filtering Performance Of Life Ionizer MXL-15

Life Ionizer

We’ve always applauded the filtering performance in the MXL water ionizers.

The MXL-15 has the same customized filtration system and extra-large UV sterilizer as those used in the MXL-13 (at risk of sounding like a broken record, the MXL-13 is simply the better value).

The main filters are customized specifically to your city’s water quality report. Life Ionizers selects the best filters to remove the contaminants specific to your municipal water.

These filters can remove fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, sediment, organic chemicals, heavy metals and rust.

Before the water moves to the ionization chamber, it is exposed to UV light. This neutralizes waterborne microbes that can make your family ill.

MXL water ionizers are the only ones that contain a UV sterilizer.

In terms of filter life, you’ll need to buy new filters about once a year. But you don’t have to set a reminder.

You can monitor the remaining filter life via the control panel. When it’s about time to get new ones, the system will sound an alert.

Installation & Maintenance

Life Ionizer MXL-15 Counter Top ionizer

One thing I love about Life Ionizer MXL-15 is that they are convertible.

Depending on your kitchen situation, you can install the unit on the counter or under it.

This particular one is designed for countertop installation. It comes with a diverter that hooks up to your faucet and redirects water to the water ionizers.

The package also includes all the tubing and fittings you’ll need.

Installation takes less than 15 minutes.

If you don’t have space to spare on your countertop, go to Life Ionizer’s official website and order an undercounter installation kit.

This includes a dedicated faucet and a cold water connector that allows you to connect the MXL-15 directly to your cold water line under the counter.


The Life Ionizer MXL-15 takes care of daily cleaning on its own using the Advanced RADC self-cleaning feature.

It reverses the polarity of the plates to get scale and mineral buildup unstuck. This keeps the plates functioning at their best.

But you still need to clean up the system manually 3-4 times a year using a citric acid cleaning filter (not included).

This removes any scale that has built up on various internal components.

 The only other maintenance work you need to do is filter replacement, which takes less than 15 minutes.

What We Like The Most About the Life Ionizers MXL-15

Life Ionizer MXL-15 Alkaline Water Ionizer

It’s excellent performance.

It produces healthier water than most other water ionizers. It also has one of the widest pH ranges, making it a good choice for a wide variety of applications from drinking to cleaning to sterilizing wounds.

We also love the filtration system. The customization feature is a great idea to ensure you get the best out of the water ionizer.

The addition of a UV filter provides even more protection.

We also like the easy DIY installation. You don’t have to know a single thing about plumbing to install it on your kitchen counter.

 And if countertop installation won’t work for you, it’s easy to convert the MXL-15 to an undercounter system.

What We Don’t Like About It

MXL-15 review

We don’t see why it costs $500 more than the MXL-13 when they are almost on par when it comes to performance and features.

Having 15 plates honestly feels more like a marketing gimmick to justify a higher price tag.

As I have mentioned several times, the MXL-13 and several other brands like the Tyent UCE-11 are better value for your money.

We are also not big fans of the control panel. Beyond the basic settings, it’s tedious to use. They should have updated it to something more modern by now like Tyent’s cool full screen touch control panel.

The MXL-15 Is Perfect For You If...

Life Ionizer undercounter water ionizer
  • You want the most powerful water ionizer you can get and don’t mind paying more money for it.
  • You want a water ionizer with ultra-low ORP and a wide pH range.
  • You want a water ionizer you can install on or under the counter.

Avoid Buying This One If...

Life Ionizer MXL-15
  • You want a budget water ionizer.

Our Bottom Line

Life Ionizer MXL-15 Alkaline Water Ionizer

While we think some water ionizers deliver better value for money than the MXL-15, it is still one beast of a machine with more plates and more power than most other models.

If you want the maximum benefits of alkaline ionized water, the MXL-15 is a great choice.

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