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Water Filter Differ

Why Do Water Filters Differ So Much In Price?

If you this a post with this title is some rant about how much you should be spending on your water filter, Well - it’s not.

That is none of our business.

What this article explains is why so many water filter brands sell what appear to be the exact same products for such different prices.

To be honest, brand names don't actually matter that much when it comes to buying a water filter.

When it comes to water filters for the home, it's all about the technology used, the filter quality and what how it functions – brands mean very little.

Inexpensive Water Filters

Water Filter Differ

Low-priced water filters cost about $20-$100.

The most affordable type of drinking water filter is a countertop / water filter pitcher, which typically sell in the $30-$50 range. Replacement filters are not expensive, but they do tend to wear out fast.

If you want to save money on a drinking water filter & you are tired of constantly buying more filters for your Brita Jug, then another affordable choice is to purchase a permanent under-sink drinking water filter for your kitchen. These cost about $100.

Either way, you need to understand that the less you spend, the less you'll get quality water filtration.The most basic products usually only eliminate contaminants that impact taste and odor making the water pleasant to drink but not necessarily safer.

Example: Filtrete Under-Sink Water Filtration System 

Water Filter Differ

This water filter is an extremely affordable water filtration system. It comes in a simple design and includes a canister (real filter) and hoses to connect to your cold water system.

Do people have two questions in mind: If this filter is expensive? Is it easy to install?

Well, the answer to both the questions is no for this one.

This system will not cost much, and it should only take you about thirty minutes to set up if you know how to use a drill and a screwdriver.

If you want to get clean, smooth and fresh smelling water straight from your faucet without having to spend a fortune, the Filtrete is among the best water filtration systems on the market.

We don't think you'll find anything better in this price range; only one month of purchasing bottled water will cover this system.

The Mid Range

water softener

Mid-range water softeners usually cost about $100-$200.

In this price range, you have a lot choice over the kinds of filter you can purchase.

Many mid-range water softening products can effectively treat both organic and non-toxic chemicals along with bacteria that may get into your drinking water.

Example: Premier 531130 3-Stages Water Filtration System

Water Filter Differ

This water filtration system is Water Quality Associations (abbreviated as WQA) certified to ANSI and NSF standards.

Everything you need for installing this system is included in the Box.

The tap head will automatically stop water when it is time to replace a filter, so you not need to mess around turning off the water and you won't require any additional tools.

If you're looking for a solution other than purchasing bottled water and are concerned about your health, this is a high water filtration system for you.

For the cost, this might be the best you can get.

Expensive Water Filters

Fleck 5600 SXT Digital Metered Water

The most expensive water filter systems can cost $2,000+, but most run in the $200-$1,000 range.

With the most expensive models, you’ll get the most updated technology and the best filtering performance.

Multi-stage filters fit into this category. You can get up to ten phases of water filtration in high-end systems, and some even include alkaline filters that provide PH-balanced water.

Other high-end filters also soften the water with calcium and magnesium without eliminating trace minerals entirely. This is because, in little doses, these minerals are right for you.

Here is one of the best under sink water filters we know of (Note: whole house water filters like this one is the most expensive product category).

Example: iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Water Filtration System

Water Filter Differ

Aside from providing excellent tasting water with a natural pH balance, you also get advanced features including a storage tank can store up to 3.2 gallons of water. This reduces the time it takes for fresh water to reach your glass.

This system comes with everything you need – including the faucet that sits on your sink - along with all the attachments you’ll need to install it.



Don’t purchase your next water filter system based on brand alone.  And don’t think a higher price equals better quality.

Some excellent products on the market cost far less than you think.

Just remember it is all about knowing first what is specifically wrong with your tap water that needs correcting, then buying the right filtration system that addresses that need. Price shopping will save you money, once this is clear.

Before making a final decision about your home filtration system, make sure you test the quality of your water, evaluate your daily water requirements according to the size of your family and most importantly think of your budget.

The best water filtration system is the one that fulfills your daily needs and is within your budget.  

Remember that price is not the critical factor to think about when purchasing a water filter. You requirements always come in first place.

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