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Life Ionizer MXL-13

Life Ionizer MXL-13 Review

If you are considering high-powered water ionizers with increased inflow and outflow, then the Life Ionizers’ range is just for you. Today, we want to bring your attention towards the Life Ionizer MXL-13.

Life Ionizer MXL-13 offers high flow rate and features large containers that can be filled rapidly while maintaining the anti-oxidizing potential. Today, it is one of the most cost-effective water ionizers in the market. Most Life ionizer reviews show it as satisfactory, efficient and sufficient enough to meet large requirements.

It sports a sleek design. The unit is available in two different colors – black and graphite – to match your interior. You can either get the counter-top or the under-counter version, depending on your preference. The installation tools are different for these two.

This ionizer provides a variety of PH levels. You can use water that is more alkaline for drinking and cooking, whereas more acidic water for cleaning and disinfecting.  

Its anti-oxidizing potential offers several health benefits. Along with the filtration system, the UV XL sterilization system fills your glass with alkalinized, clear, and pathogen-free water each time. With high ORP levels of up to -880, you will get nothing less than improved health and an active immune system.

Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into this Life Ionizer MXL-13 review.


  • Pocket-friendly and offers more features for less cost.
  • Removes sediment and certain chemicals, and prevents microbes from contaminating the water.
  • Customized water filtration that facilitates in providing clean and filtered water according to different requirements.
  • Self-cleaning function to reduce extra cleaning tasks off your shoulders. It prevents calcium build up on the plates, enhancing its efficiency for longer use.
  • Provides the highest PH and anti-oxidant potential.
  • Easy to replace filters. The unit notifies you when it’s time for a replacement.
  • Two models to choose from; counter top and under sink. You can buy whichever you prefer.
  • Stylish design with intuitive interface. You can get your life ionizer in either black or graphite color.
  • Control buttons are present on the top through which you can set the desired PH level.


  • Power intensive at very high output.
  • Installation might be a problem for some.

Product Specifications


  • Dimension: 12.5 x 6.2 x 15 inches
  • PH: 1.7 - 12.2 pH Range
  • Anti-oxidant potential: Up to -880 ORP
  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Power: 800 Watts
  • Flow rate: 5-6 liters per minute
  • Settings: 8 settings; 4 alkaline, 3 acidic, and 1 neutral
  • Warranty: lifetime
  • Contaminants removed: Sediments, bacteria, pathogens, heavy metals and certain substances (thanks to the active charcoal filters and UV system).


Life Ionizer MXL 13

The modern look is what makes Life ionizer MXL-13 great. It looks great when placed on top of a counter. You can also place it in cabinets. The counter top version can be directly attached to your kitchen faucet.

With the under-sink unit, you will get a faucet with its own touch control system. The faucet has 4 buttons on the top to control the unit and an LCD which displays information about the current setting. You can choose from 3 different finishes for the faucet.

The installation of counter top version hardly takes half an hour. But the installation of the under-sink version might be a problem. We recommend asking a professional to help you out.

Water Capacity

Life ionizer MXL-13

The Life Ionizer MXL-13 ionizes 5 to 6 liters of water per minute, making it perfect for homes where water consumption is high. With that much water produced per minute, it will meet all of your hydration, cooking, and cleaning needs. If you want to fill large containers for drinking water, the increased outflow will help you do that in no time.

Additionally, the product’s XL chambers allow it to make ionized water by letting it remain in contact with the plates for extended periods of time. This increases the PH and anti-oxidant levels.

Filtering Performance

Life Ionizer MXL-13

Filtering performance is decent. The filter clears out residues and other chemicals. On the other hand, the UV sanitization technology further improves the water in terms of safety.

Its filtration process removes some of the common contaminants found in the water such as chromium, copper, and heavy metals. If you have a water turbidity problem, life ionizers can also help with that and make water fit for consumption.

UV technology eliminates harmful microorganisms, like bacteria, viruses, and cysts, making it pathogen-free. It is a powerful sterilization process which clears the water of some of the most harmful microbes.

Filter replacement is also easy. The filter pops out with a single push of a button, ready to be replaced. The added feature which makes life ionizer ideal for optimal filtration is its ability to notify the user of when the filters need to be replaced. There is no need to check it over and over again. Your life ionizer will inform you when the filter runs its course, ensuring optimal filtration.

The custom filtration offered by life ionizer is the best for your needs. After purchasing the unit, a team of water quality experts will check the water supplied to you for contaminants and toxins found in it. Based on the reports, the team will configure the filter setup suited for your needs. This is known as customized filtration.

This customized filtration further improves the filtration performance level of life ionizer MXL-13.

What We Like The Most About Life Ionizer MXL-13

Life Ionizer MXL-13 Review

There are several features that we like about the Life Ionizer MXL-13. The technologies added in it make it the ideal ionizer.

You have the option of either setting it up on the counter or installing it under the sink.

13 titanium plates coated with platinum enhance the ionization performance and produce the water of the desired PH quickly. The high PH and anti-oxidant potential let you get the vitalized water which not only enhances your body’s tendency to fight against the toxins but also replenishes minerals.

The 13 plates XL matrix grid is backed with 800 watt XL power, which makes it more efficient at producing alkaline water.

Life ionizers go an extra mile when it comes to providing healthy water. Molecular hydrogen technology enables the unit to produce hydrogen molecules. Studies suggest that it helps you gain more health benefits.

The auto-clean function of life ionizer MXL-13 prevents calcium and magnesium from building up on the plates. It doesn’t remove the minerals from water but only aids in maximizing the efficiency of the unit.

You can get all of these features in a single, budget-friendly ionizer.

What We Don’t Like About Life Ionizer MXL-13

Life Ionizer MXL-13 Review

The process of installation of the under-sink unit might be a problem. If it was made to install easily, the MXL-13 could very well be considered one of the best ionizers.

Due to the high output, caution is required.

The Life Ionizer MXL-13 Is Perfect For You If...

Life Ionizer MXL 13
  • You are cautious about the water you consume.
  • You need acidic or alkaline water.
  • You are looking for a high-tech, yet affordable ionizer.

Avoid Buying This One If...

Life ionizer MXL-13
  • Your water consumption is low. There are many other water ionizers in the market which are great for low quantity usage and are available at affordable prices.
  • You already have a whole house water filtration system. In this case, you should go for a water ionizer which does not provide high performance filtration, but only ionizes the water to either alkaline or acidic.

Why Do You Need Filtered Water?

MXL-13 ionizer review

Whether you are using city water or well water, it is crucial to filter it as the water supplied by municipal is just treated with chlorine for killing germs and certain viruses. This is the reason why the solid contaminants, dissolved substances, and other pollutants remain in your drinking water, posing significant health risk.

Exactly how do these contaminants adversely affect your health?

Residues are dust particles or other solid substances which make the water turbid and less fit for consumption. In your tap water solid residues can be found which need to be filtered out. Chlorine is good for removing germs but it also reacts with other metals to produce harmful compounds. Moreover, it greatly affects the water quality, taste and odor.

On the other hand, reports show that drinking water contains many dissolved salts, minerals, heavy metals, and other toxic compounds. Fluoride may also be present in the tap water. It weakens the bones and adversely affects the nervous system.

Lead, arsenic and other metals are also found in tap water and negatively affect your health. Chlorine is good for killing the bacteria and other microbes, but as mentioned above, it can change the taste and odor of water.

With all these harmful substances in water, you can imagine how bad it is for general health. Filters come here for help. They remove the undesired substances and make water cleaner and safer to drink.

Why Do You Need Water Ionizers?

Life Ionizer MXL-13

Life Ionizers generate water of different PH levels. You can get acidic, alkaline, or neutral water which you can then use for different purposes. The alkaline water can be used for basic consumption (drinking and cooking).

The neutral PH water is for cleaning purpose while, the acidic PH water is good for skin and scalp use. Simply put, water ionizers can help you get any type of water you want, depending on your requirements.

Alkaline water offers amazing health benefits, which is why it is considered fit for consumption. On the other hand, acidic water has sterilization properties which can then be used to

Let’s now talk a little bit about the health benefits provided by these ionizers.

Minerals are one of the most important necessities of the human body. Water ionizers maintain the presence of minerals like magnesium and calcium.

Free radicals are produced in our bodies as a result of different processes, but they adversely affect the cells. By drinking the water having high anti-oxidizing potential, these radicals are removed, leading to a healthier body. The high ORP levels in water also reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process.

Better digestion is directly linked to better health. Alkaline water helps in reducing acid reflux as well. Maintaining a healthy digestive system is what you need for an active mind and body.

A well hydrated body is a special need for those who exercise or work out on a daily basis. Alkaline water consists of smaller molecules that can be absorbed with ease, resulting in increased hydration.

An active immune system is all one needs to protect their body from toxins, bacteria, and viruses. High PH water facilitates our immune system in fighting against harmful toxins, minimizing the risk of diseases.

However, do remember that the excess use of alkaline water may be harmful for health. It kills good bacteria in the gut that can cause digestion problems.

Our Bottom Line

Life Ionizer MXL 13

Life Ionizer MXL-13 is one of the most highly efficient and powerful water ionizers in the market.

With all the high-tech filtration and ionization processes, you can have clean and safe alkaline water. Compared to the other water ionizers available in the market, you can get it at a much lower price tag. The maintenance is also minimal.

The unit also has auto-cleaning function. The deposition of calcium and magnesium might stick to the internal elements, making the unit less efficient. But the self-cleaning done by the machine after each use removes all the accumulation.

All in all, the Life Ionizer MXL-13 is fairly decent water ionizer.

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