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Epic Smart Shield Undersink Water Filter Review

The Epic Smart Shield under sink water filter provides point-of-use water filtration for both municipal water and well water.

The Epic Smart Shield uses an activated coconut carbon block filter to remove over 70 contaminants from tap water.

One of the unexpected contaminants the Smart Shield eliminates is bacteria. Unexpected because carbon filters typically don’t handle biological impurities.

Installation under the sink is easy and quick. You don’t need to drill a hole for a dedicated faucet. The Epic Smart Shield connects to the existing faucet. Don’t worry; it barely affects water pressure.

Read on for our full review of the Epic Smart Shield under sink water filter.

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  • Easy to install.
  • Excellent water filtration performance.
  • Filters some waterborne bacteria.
  • High water flow rate.
  • Long filter life.


  • Expensive for a single-stage under sink filter.

Product Specifications 


  • Filter type: Activated coconut carbon block
  • Filtration stages: One
  • Filter life: 9-16 months
  • Standards: NSF/ANSI 42, 53 & 401

Filtration Performance 


The Epic Smart Shield under sink water filter carries three certifications: NSF/ANSI 42, 53 and 401.

These cover aesthetic impurities that affect the taste, appearance and smell of water like chlorine, iron and manganese.  They also cover health-related impurities including heavy metals like lead and arsenic and chemicals such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals and VOCs.

In addition, the Epic Smart Shield filter eliminates up to 99.6% of microplastics and over 99.9% of various radiological compounds such as cobalt 60, uranium 235/238 and radium 226/228. 

All in all, the activated carbon block filter in the Epic Smart Shield removes over 70 contaminants.

It’ll make your tap water safer to drink and improve its taste as well. Most people using the Epic Smart Shield under sink water filter say they find the water tastes better than bottled water.

Bacteria Removal?

Normally, under sink filters using carbon media are suitable only for treated municipal water. That’s mainly because they do not remove biological impurities that may be present in untreated well water.

However, Epic Water Filter, the maker of the Smart Shield filter, claims their under sink filter is ideal for both municipal and well water. They say the filter can remove bacteria.

We were highly skeptical especially considering the Epic Smart Shield does not have any certification that pertains to removal of biological impurities.

We dug deeper to look for test data. To their credit, the company offers plenty of information and data on their website for customers who want to see the test results for themselves.

Here’s what we found out.

The Epic Smart Shield filter is tested to NSF P231a standard that covers microbiological water purifiers (Note: ‘Tested to’ does not mean certified). According to the company’s test report, the test covers only two pathogens: E. Coli and pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Bottom line: the Epic Smart Shield under sink water filter likely removes bacteria from water. However, testing has been done against only two types of bacteria.

You’ll likely be okay filtering municipal or well water through the Epic Smart Shield. But if you are highly concerned about microbes in your water (including viruses and cysts, which the Smart Shield does not remove), we recommend going with an under sink reverse osmosis system instead.

Installation and Maintenance 

epic smart shield filter review

The Epic Smart Shield filter goes under your sink. It comes with everything you need to install it yourself.

This includes a cold water adaptor that routes the cold water line through the filter. Note that you don’t need a new faucet. The Smart Shield connects to your existing cold water line and faucet.

Unlike RO systems, the Epic Smart Shield doesn’t flush itself, meaning there’s no water that needs draining. So you don’t need to connect the filter to your drain.

As many customers have confirmed, the Epic Smart Shield filter barely affects water pressure from the faucet. Most people did not notice any change in water pressure and those who did say the reduction is very little.

As for maintenance, the carbon block is good for 9-16 months depending on household size. Here’s what the company recommends.

Light Use (1 person): every 14-16 months
Normal Use (a couple): every 12 months
Heavy Use (large family and/or use for pets/cooking/plants): every 9-12 months

What We Like The Most About the Epic Smart Shield Under Sink Water Filter

The Epic Smart Shield removes a wider range of impurities compared to most under sink filters, including some bacteria.

This means safer and better tasting drinking water. It’s time to stop spending a lot of money on bottled water or putting up with chlorine-tasting tap water.

We love the easy and straightforward installation process. To be honest, the idea of drilling a hole on the counter for a new faucet is uncomfortable for most of us. The Epic Smart Shield conveniently hooks up to the existing faucet.

And we also love the long filter life. Most under sink filters need to be replaced every 6 months. The Epic Smart Shield is good for 12 months, or longer if you live alone.

What We Don’t Like About It

The price.

The Epic Smart Shield is a single-stage filter, but it costs more than 2 and 3-stage under-sink filters from other brands.

The replacement filter is also not cheap. Thankfully, it lasts a long time.

The Epic Smart Shield Under Sink Water FilterIs Perfect For You If…

  • You are looking for a high-performance under sink water filter that will remove a wide range of impurities from your water.
  • You want an under sink water filter that is easy to install.
  • You are shopping for a long lasting under sink water filter that doesn’t require filter replacement every few months.

Avoid Buying This One If...

  • You want an under sink system that will eliminate almost all biological contaminants – get an RO filter instead.
  • You are looking for a budget under sink water filter.

Our Bottom Line

Though a bit pricey, we love Epic Smart Shield’s filtration performance, long filter lifespan and straightforward DIY installation.

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