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Best Water Filter Pitchers

Top 15 Best Water Filter Pitchers 2023: Reviews & Guide

Shopping for the best water filter pitcher? 

You’ve come to the right place.

A water filter pitcher is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to enjoy filtered drinking water at home.

Unlike a whole-house or under-sink filtration system, it doesn’t require any installation, and maintenance is much easier.

A water filter pitcher is also way cheaper compared to an RO system.

A filter pitcher is best for treating city water. That’s because most filter pitchers do not remove harmful microorganisms like bacteria and protozoa. They focus on chemicals, odors and tastes, sediment, and heavy metals.

If you use untreated well water, you’ll need a whole-house water softener and a reverse osmosis filter to get safe drinking water.

What’s In This Buying Guide?

In this buying guide, we review the best water filter pitchers you can buy online. We’ve included different sizes, styles, and types of pitchers so you can find the perfect one for yourself or your family.

We also explain how filter pitchers work and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Best Water Filter Pitchers: Comparison Table 

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  1. 1
    Editor’s Choice: Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher
  2. 2
    Best 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher: ZeroWater ZP-010
  3. 3
    Best 15-cup Water Filter Pitcher: Invigorated Water pH Restore
  4. 4
    Best Water Filter Pitcher for Families: PUR DS1800Z 18-Cup Dispenser
  5. 5
    Best Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher: EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher
  6. 6
    Best Compact: Brita Metro
  7. 7
    Best Non-Plastic (and Best Looking) Water Filter Pitcher: Invigorated Water pH Vitality
  8. 8
    Best Refrigerator Water Filter Pitcher: OPTI CHILL
  9. 9
    Best Filtration: Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher
  10. 10
    Best Glass Water Filter Pitcher: Invigorated Water pH Replenish
  11. 11
    Best for Filtering Germs: LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitcher
  12. 12
    Best Value: AquaBliss 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher
  13. 13
    Best for Lead Removal: PUR PPT111W Ultimate 11 Cup Pitcher
  14. 14
    Longest Lasting Filter: Seychelle pH2O
  15. 15
    Best Powered Water Filter Pitcher: Aquasana Clean Water Machine

Aquagear Pitcher
  • Aquagear

  • 8 cups
  • 150-gallon filter
  • 5 filter stages
  • - Chlorine
    - Chloramine
    - Fluoride
    - Heavy metals
    - VOCs

ZeroWater ZP-010 water filter pitcher
  • ZeroWater ZP-010

  • BEST 10-CUPS
  • 10 cups
  • 25-40 gallon filter
  • 5 filter stages
  • - Sediment
    - Chlorine
    - Chloramine
    - Fluoride
    - Heavy metals
    - VOCs

Invigorated Restore
  • Invigorated Water pH Restore

  • BEST 15-CUPS
  • 15 cups
  • 96-gallon filter
  • 5 filter stages
  • - Odors
    - Chlorine
    - Chloramine
    - Fluoride
    - Limescale
    - Heavy metals
    - Sediment

  • PUR DS1800Z

  • 18 cups
  • 40-gallon filter
  • 2 filter stages
  • - Chlorine
    - Chemicals
    - Heavy metals

EHM Ultra Premium
  • EHM Ultra Premium

  • 16 cups
  • 80-gallon filter
  • 6 filter stages
  • - Odors
    - Chlorine
    - Fluoride
    - Heavy metals
    - Sediment

Brita Metro water filter pitcher
  • Brita Metro

  • 5 cups
  • 40-gallon filter
  • 3 filter stages
  • - Chlorine
    - Copper
    - Mercury
    - Zinc
    - Cadmium

Invigorated Vitality
  • Invigorated Water pH Vitality

  • 8 cups
  • 105-gallon filter
  • Multi-stage filter
  • - Limescale
    - Sediment
    - Chlorine
    - Fluoride
    - Heavy metals
    - Odors

water pitchers with filter

  • Best refrigerator water filter pitcher
  • 32 cups
  • 120-gallon filter
  • 5 stage filter
  • - Chlorine
    - Tastes & odors
    - Chemicals
    - Sediment & rust
    - Heavy metals

Clearly Filtered
  • Clearly Filtered

  • 10 cups
  • 100-gallon filter
  • Multi-stage filter
  • - Odors & Tastes
    - Chlorine
    - Chemicals
    - Heavy metals
    - Radiological contaminants
    - Fluoride
    - Micro plastics
    - Bacteria
    - Cysts

Invigorated Replenish
  • Invigorated Water pH Replenish

  • 8 cups
  • 105-gallon filter
  • Multi-stage filter
  • - Odors
    - Chlorine
    - Fluoride
    - Heavy metals
    - Sediment
    - Limescale

LifeStraw Home Filter Pitcher
  • LifeStraw

  • 7 cups
  • 264-gallon and 40-gallon filters
  • 3 filter stages
  • - Bacteria
    - Protozoa
    - Cysts
    - Heavy metals
    - Chlorine
    - Chemicals
    - Tastes & odors

  • AquaBliss

  • 10 cups
  • 80-gallon filter
  • Multi-stage filter
  • - Tastes & odors
    - Chlorine
    - Chemicals
    - Heavy metals

  • PUR PPT111W

  • 11 cups
  • 40-gallon filter
  • 2 filter stages
  • - Chlorine
    - Chemicals
    - Heavy metals
    - Lead

Seychelle pH2O
  • Seychelle pH2O

  • 8 cups
  • 200-gallon filter
  • 7 filter stages
  • - Chlorine
    - Chemicals
    - Tastes & odors
    - Fluoride
    - Heavy metals

Aquasana Clean Water Machine
  • Aquasana

  • 8 cups
  • 320-gallon filter
  • 4 filter stages
  • - Chlorine
    - Chloramine
    - Chemicals
    - Heavy metals
    - Cysts
    - Asbestos

1. Editor’s Choice: Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher 

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

The NSF-certified Aquagear filter pitcher is our top recommendation for most people.

The five-stage filter removes lead, chlorine, and other impurities from water and lasts longer than the filters in Brita pitchers.

Replacement filter: Available on Amazon


  • High-capacity filters.
  • NSF-certified.
  • Removes a wide range of contaminants.
  • BPA-free.


  • Slow filtration.
  • Unfiltered water can mix with filtered water when you tip the Pitcher.

Our Review 

best filter water pitcher

We also love that the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee, which tells us the Pitcher is made to last.

The Aquagear filter pitcher turns your tap water into better-tasting and safer drinking water.

It has a 5-stage filter that’s NSF-certified to get rid of chlorine, chloramines, lead, arsenic, mercury, and fluoride, among other impurities.

The filters include carbon media that targets tastes and odors and an ion exchange resin for heavy metals and fluoride.

The carbon filter and resin also reduce volatile organic compounds as well as chemicals such as pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

The filter has a lifespan of about 150 gallons. For most families, this comes to a filter replacement period of 2-3 months (assuming each person takes 8 cups/0.5 gallons of water a day).

The Pitcher is made from BPA-free plastic and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee if the Pitcher ever breaks.

Issues & Limitations 

The filtration rate for the Aquagear filter pitcher is really slow. In a way, this is good since it ensures the filters have enough time to remove as many contaminants as possible.

But it also means you’ll wait for quite some time to get a glass of drinking water.

The solution is to filter water and store it in a larger pitcher or bottle. This provides much easier access to drinking water.

Another issue is the design of the Pitcher, particularly the unfiltered water reservoir. It’s opaque so you can easily overfill it with water, and the unfiltered water will pour into the filtered water reservoir.

You have to remove the lid every time you want to add tap water.

The reservoir has another problem – it can easily spill ‘dirty’ water into the filtered water when you top the Pitcher to pour yourself a glass.

To prevent this, wait until all the water in the reservoir has been filtered.

Bottom Line 

Though the design could be better, we still think the Aquagear water filter pitcher is the best choice for most people. It removes a wide range of impurities and is easy to maintain.

2. Best 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher: ZeroWater ZP-010 

ZeroWater ZP-010

The ZeroWater ZP-010 costs half the price of the Aquagear Pitcher but removes almost as many contaminants.

The only major downside of the ZeroWater Pitcher is the short lifespan.

To give you confidence in the quality of the filtered water, ZeroWater includes a free water quality meter with the Pitcher so you can see for yourself.

Replacement filter: 12-pack available on Amazon


  • Removes a wide range of impurities, including fluoride and lead.
  • Large 10-cup capacity – ideal for families.
  • NSF-certified 5-stage filter.
  • Cheaper than Aquagear.


  • Short filter lifespan.
  • Slow filtration.
  • Cover lets unfiltered water out when you tip the Pitcher.

Our Review 

ZeroWater ZP-010 filtration process

What we love most about ZeroWater is the value for money. It costs about half the price of Aquagear but has a comparable filtration performance.

The 5-stage NSF-certified filter gets rid of 99% of TDS, chemicals, chlorine and other bad stuff.

The first stage is a sediment filter screen that remove suspended particles. The second stage is a foam distributor that spreads the water over the filter media to increase filtration performance

The third stage consists of carbon media and oxidation alloy. Together, they remove chlorine, organic chemicals and heavy metals.

The fourth stage is an ion exchange resin that removes 99% of TDS and the fifth stage is an ultra-fine post sediment filter.

The filtered water you get from the Pitcher doesn’t have a hint of any taste or smell. It’s also much clearer.

If you want to be sure that the water is properly filtered, use the included TDS meter to check water quality. Most customers got a TDS reading of zero.

The ZeroWater Pitcher has a capacity of 10 cups, making it a good choice for families, though you’ll still need to refill it 2-3 times a day.

Issues & Limitations 

Here’s what many customers have to say about the ZeroWater Pitcher: “The water filter is great, the pitcher not so much.”

This is a comment we’ve seen with many other water filter pitchers, including AquaGear. The problem is not the build quality of the Pitcher – it doesn’t break easily, and it feels well made.

The problem is design. The water in the unfiltered water reservoir is not sealed properly, meaning it will mix with filtered water when you tip the Pitcher to pour yourself a glass.

To avoid this, you have to wait until all the water in the reservoir is filtered.

Another ZeroWater problem that’s also common with other filter pitchers is the speed of filtration. It takes quite a bit of time for it to filter water.

You’ll find it easier to filter water and store it in another pitcher or bottle rather than waiting for the Pitcher to filter water every time you want a glass.

Another issue is the filter lifespan. The downside of the ZeroWater filter being so good at removing TDS is that it doesn’t last long.

The average lifespan is 25-40 gallons or about a month. If your water has a higher than normal level of TDS, it’ll last for even less time.

The frequent filter replacements increase maintenance costs.

Bottom Line 

Though a bit pricey to maintain, the ZeroWater ZP-010 impresses us with its TDS and contaminant removal performance.

If you are very sensitive about the taste and smell of your drinking water, definitely go with the ZeroWater ZP-010 pitcher.

3. Best 15-cup Water Filter Pitcher: Invigorated Water pH Restore

Invigorated Water pH Restore

If you want an even bigger filter pitcher, the pH Restore Pitcher from Invigorated Water has a capacity of 15 cups. A couple of refills should be enough for most families.

The large capacity is not the only good thing about it. pH Restore is also an alkaline filter pitcher – it produces water that tastes better and is better for your health.


  • Produces filtered alkaline water.
  • Large capacity filter – ideal for larger families.
  • Long-lasting filter.
  • Removes a wide range of impurities.
  • It has a filter life indicator.


  • Lid pops off when pouring water.
  • The unfiltered water reservoir is not sealed tightly – water can pour out when you tip the Pitcher.

Our Review 

water pitcher

If you are thinking about getting an alkaline water filter pitcher, Invigorated Water pH Restore is one of the best ones.

It raises water pH to a max of 10 and filters out a wide range of contaminants.

The 5-stage filter reduces fluoride, chlorine, chloramine, sediment and heavy metals. It also eliminates all odors and tastes.

To make the water alkaline, the PH001 filter inside the pH Restore pitcher adds small amounts of healthy minerals into the water including iodine, calcium and zinc.

These minerals not only make the water healthier, they also make it taste better. Instead of the usual fresh but flat taste of filtered water, you get an earthier and richer flavor.

The PH001 filter has a 96-gallon capacity. This comes to a lifespan of 1-2 months for most families.

Issues & Limitations 

The first issue raised by many customers is the loose lid. You have to hold it when pouring water lest it pops off and all the water pours out.

There’s also an issue with the unfiltered water reservoir. It is not tightly sealed. When you tip the Pitcher to pour yourself a glass of water, the unfiltered water can also come out.

Bottom Line 

Invigorated Water pH Restore is a 2-in-1 pitcher. It filters water and alkalinizes it. The best part is that it doesn’t cost much more than conventional filters. In fact, it’s cheaper than the Aquagear.

4. Best Water Filter Pitcher for Families: PUR DS1800Z 18-Cup Dispenser

PUR DS1800Z 18-Cup Dispenser

The 10-cup ZeroWater and the 15-Cup Invigorated Water pitchers are good for families, but you need to refill them several times throughout the day.

With the PUR DS1800Z dispenser, you only need to fill it once. That’s why we think it’s the best choice for most families.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to lift and tip it over to pour out drinking water. It comes complete with a faucet. Just position the dispenser such that the faucet is over the edge of the counter.

Replacement filter: 3-pack available on Amazon


  • Extra-large capacity.
  • Includes a built-in faucet.
  • Reduces chlorine taste, heavy metals, and chemicals.
  • Low price, especially for a large-capacity dispenser.


  • It doesn’t remove as many impurities as other pitchers.
  • Slow filtration.
  • Short filter life.

Our Review 

Water Filter Pitcher for Families

Despite its large capacity, the PUR dispenser is compact enough to fit in the refrigerator. Just make sure the faucet faces the door to make it easy to dispense drinking water.

The PUR dispenser uses a basic filter to clean up the water. Its performance is nowhere near as good as other filter pitchers.

The basic filter targets 22 contaminants, including mercury, copper, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, and chlorine.

It does not remove lead, fluoride, chloramines, and some heavy metals. However, PUR separately sells a lead-reduction filter that’s compatible with their dispenser.

The upside of having a basic filter with just two stages (activated carbon and an ion exchange resin) is that the PUR dispenser filters water slightly faster than other pitchers.

If you want an even faster flow rate, PUR gives you an option to order the dispenser with a faster basic filter.

The dispenser itself is well made. The faucet feels sturdy, and you don’t have to press it continuously to release water like with some dispensers. Just flip the handle down, and the water flows.

Issues & Limitations 

Even with a basic 2-stage filter, the PUR dispenser still works slowly. With your family constantly dispensing drinking water, you’ll probably never see the dispenser full.

Luckily, the large capacity ensures you never run out of filtered water; you just have to remember to refill it frequently.

Another limitation is with the filter.

For one, it has a very short lifespan of just 40 gallons. For most families, this translates to a month or less of use before you need a replacement.

In the long run, maintenance costs will add up.

Secondly, it’s basic in terms of filtration performance. With only two stages, it removes a limited amount of contaminants. We mostly recommend it if your main concern is the taste of chlorine and other chemicals in your tap water.

If you are looking for a water pitcher that will reduce fluoride, lead, and a wide range of other impurities, this is not it.

Bottom Line 

The PUR DS1800Z dispenser is a great choice for families that want better-tasting drinking water.

5. Best Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher: EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

The EHM Ultra Premium pitcher is another good choice for those who prefer alkaline water over plain filtered water.

The EHM Ultra Premium pitcher has a slightly bigger capacity than Invigorated Water pH Restore, making it a good choice for families.

Replacement filter: 3-pack available on Amazon


  • Produces healthier alkaline water.
  • Large capacity.
  • Removes a wide range of impurities.
  • Compact design – makes it easier to put it in the refrigerator.


  • Filter doesn’t last long.
  • The lid keeps coming off.

Our Review 

EHM Alkaline Water Pitcher

Alkaline water is better for your health (helps with acid reflux, indigestion, and other health issues) and tastes better as well.

The 6-stage filter in the EHM Ultra Premium pitcher adds trace amounts of calcium, magnesium, and potassium to the water to make it alkaline and lower the ORP.

ORP refers to the antioxidant power of water. The lower or more negative it is, the better.

The filter increases the pH to a maximum of 10. The eventual pH can be anywhere between 9 and 10, depending on the pH of your tap water.

The filter also removes a wide range of impurities, including chlorine, heavy metals, and various organic chemicals.

The filter doesn’t last long. It has a capacity of 80 gallons, meaning you’ll need to replace it every 1-2 months.

Issues & Limitations 

The short-lived filter increases maintenance costs since you need to buy new filters frequently.

Another issue is the loose lid. It keeps popping off when you tip the Pitcher. We recommend holding onto the lid with one hand to prevent a mess.

Bottom Line 

The EHM Ultra Premium pitcher is a great choice for families looking for a large alkaline water filter pitcher.

6. Best Compact: Brita Metro

Brita Metro

If you are looking for a small water pitcher for just yourself or you want a pitcher that can easily fit in a mini-fridge, we recommend the 5-cup Brita Metro.


  • Compact design – perfect for personal use.
  • Easily fits in the refrigerator.
  • Filter replacement reminder.
  • Removes a wide range of impurities.
  • BPA-free plastic.


  • Not ideal for families.

Our Review 

best home water filter pitcher

If you need to save space in your refrigerator or you have a mini-fridge, Brita Metro is the best Pitcher. With a capacity of just 5 cups, Brita Metro is one of the smallest water filter pitchers you’ll find.

Obviously, it is designed to be a personal pitcher for 1-2 people.

The Metro pitcher comes with a Brita standard filter, which has three filtration stages. The first is a mesh that removes sediment and particulates. The second stage is carbon media, that reduces chlorine, mercury, and tastes & odors.

The third stage is an ion exchange resin that targets various heavy metals, including copper, zinc, and cadmium.

The filter is good for 40 gallons. There’s a filter life indicator on the lid to remind you when it’s time to replace the filter.

On average, the filter lasts about two months for one person.

Issues & Limitations 

Brita Metro’s biggest limitation is its size. It’s not ideal for more than two people. If you get it for your family, you’ll get tired, constantly refilling it.

Bottom Line 

Brita Metro is a great choice for anyone looking for a space-saving filter pitcher.

7. Best Non-Plastic (and Best Looking) Water Filter Pitcher: Invigorated Water pH Vitality

Invigorated Water pH Vitality

Of all Invigorated Water’s pitchers, the pH Vitality is our favorite style. In fact, it’s the best looking of any water pitcher. We love the metallic design and modern style.

It’s also a great choice for those looking for a non-plastic filter pitcher. pH Vitality is stainless steel.


  • Beautiful style.
  • Rustproof stainless steel – no plastic.
  • Versatile – can also be used as a wine or juice pitcher.
  • Removes a wide range of contaminants.


  • Pricey.
  • Some cases of rusting.

Our Review 

best alkaline water filter pitcher

If you are not a big fan of plastic, you’ll love the pH Vitality. It doesn’t contain a single plastic part.

The main body is stainless steel, and the handle is bamboo. The bamboo and steel combo looks great and gives the Pitcher a beautiful modern finish.

We also love how the Pitcher is curved – it looks nothing like conventional filter pitchers.

You’ll probably want to make the Pitcher a frequent addition to your dinner table, just for its aesthetics.

Away from looks, the Pitcher is well made and feels durable. It comes with the new pH ON-THE-GO filter from Invigorated Water.

The pouch filter reduces a wide range of impurities, including chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, and sediment.

It also adds healthy minerals to the water, turning it alkaline. Alkaline water is better for your health, hydrates you more quickly, and tastes great.

The filter has a capacity of 105-gallons, the second-highest filter capacity in our buying guide.

By the way, the pH Vitality pitcher is not just for drinking water. You can also use it as a juice or wine pitcher. It’s also great for making fruit-infused water.

Issues & Limitations 

We’ve heard complaints from a few customers regarding rusting and the handle coming off. But these were very few cases and the manufacturer offered replacements.

Bottom Line 

Are you looking for a water filter pitcher that’s not plastic and has a bit of style (and produces alkaline water)? The Invigorated Water pH Vitality pitcher is a great choice.

8. Best Refrigerator Water Filter Pitcher: OPTI CHILL

water pitchers with filter

If you want a water filter pitcher you can put in the refrigerator, we recommend the OPTI CHILL alkaline water filter pitcher

It has a low and wide design that should fit in most refrigerators. And with a 2-gallon capacity, it holds enough drinking water for a day for the average family. 

Replacement filter: Available on Amazon


  • Fits in most refrigerators - lets you enjoy chilled water at any time.
  • High performance 5-stage alkaline filter - removes more than 200 contaminants.
  • Produces great-tasting alkaline water.
  • Date keeper helps you remember when to replace the filter.
  • Large capacity. 


  • Slow filtration - just one gallon per hour. 

Our Review 

best pitcher water filter

The OPTI CHILL is a great choice if you want chilled drinking water. It measures 14.5” high, 8.5” deep and 9.7” wide. Use these dimensions to check if it’ll fit in your refrigerator. If it can’t, it still works great on the countertop.

The OPTI CHILL pitcher comes with a flip up/down faucet, so you don't need to lift and tip it to pour a glass of water. 

Filtration performance is pretty good. It’s actually better than most water filter pitchers. 

The alkaline filter cartridge removes more than 200 contaminants including chemicals like pesticides, chlorine and other tastes, heavy metals including lead, and fine sediment. The filter also alkalinizes the water, improving its taste and health benefits. 

If you buy bottled alkaline or mineral water, the OPTI CHILL water filter pitcher will save you money. 

The excellent filtration performance of the OPTI CHILL comes with one big downside; it is SLOW. It filters just one gallon in an hour. 

Thankfully, the pitcher has a fairly large capacity of 2 gallons or about 32 cups. So once it fills up with filtered water in a couple hours, you have enough drinking water for the entire. We recommend filling up the tank at night so you have filtered drinking water in the morning.

The alkaline filter has a lifespan of 120 gallons. Assuming you go through a full pitcher everyday, it should last you two months. For a large family that drinks two pitchers a day, the filter will be good for a month. 

A dial at the top of the filter lets you set the date you started using the filter, so you can remember when to change the filter.  

Issues & Limitations 

The slow filtration rate of the OPTI CHILL water filter pitcher is an issue for large families that drink a lot of water. We recommend getting another filter that filters water faster like the Aquasana Clean Water Machine (1 gallon in just 2 minutes). 

Bottom Line 

The OPTI CHILL water filter pitcher is a great choice if you are looking for a pitcher that fits in the refrigerator and reduces chemicals and heavy metals in water. 

9. Best Filtration: Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

The Clearly Filtered Pitcher has the best filtration performance, able to remove over 230 different contaminants found in water.

But the high filtration capability doesn’t come cheap – Clearly Filtered is one of the more expensive filter pitchers you’ll find online.

Replacement filter: Available on Amazon


  • Removes more impurities than other pitchers, including bacteria and cysts.
  • Long filter life.
  • BPA-free plastic pitcher.
  • Large 10-cup capacity.


  • Pricey.
  • Some leaking.

Our Review 

water filter pitcher reviews

The Clearly Filtered Pitcher is one of the only two pitchers among our picks that can remove microorganisms from drinking water.

The multi-stage filter has pores small enough to block out most bacteria and cysts (doesn’t remove viruses).

It also removes dozens of other impurities including heavy metals, fluoride, radiological impurities, chlorine, chemicals and tastes & odors.

Important to note is that the Pitcher and the filter media are not NSF-certified. The manufacturer only says the filter is ‘Tested to NSF Standards.’ This is different from NSF-certified. 

But customers who analyzed their water for the reduction in specific contaminants like fluoride and heavy metals found a drastic reduction of impurities in the filtered water.

We trust it does what it says it does.

The filter has a lifespan of 100 gallons, which is longer than most other filter pitchers.

The Pitcher itself is made from BPA-free Tritan plastic and has a 10-cup capacity.

Issues & Limitations 

The Clearly Filtered Pitcher is pricey, but it’s worth it. It beats all other pitchers in terms of the number and variety of impurities it removes from water.

There are have a few cases of slight leaking when you tip the Pitcher, but only a small number of customers have encountered the problem.

If you notice any leaking, hold the lid when you pour filtered water.

Bottom Line 

Clearly Filtered is the best choice for anyone looking for a high-performance water filter pitcher that removes a wide range of impurities.

10. Best Glass Water Filter Pitcher: Invigorated Water pH Replenish 

Invigorated Water pH Replenish

We love Invigorated Water pitchers. They not only filter water well, but they also look great. While we think the stainless steel pH Vitality is the best looking of their pitchers, the pH Replenish is not that far behind.

pH replenish is a good choice for those who prefer a glass pitcher. It looks beautiful on the dinner table or kitchen counter; you just need to be careful not to break it.


  • Beautiful glass design.
  • Modern style.
  • Long-lasting filter.
  • Versatile – can also be used as a wine or juice pitcher.


  • The glass is delicate – handle with care.

Our Review 

alkaline water pitcher review

pH Replenish is essentially a glass version of pH Vitality. It is not all-glass, though. Through the clear body, you can see the stainless steel column inside where the filter pouch goes. The lid is also stainless steel.

The pH Replenish pitcher uses the same pH ON-THE-GO alkaline filter pouch as pH Vitality. It removes all the usual impurities, including chlorine, sediment, scale, chemicals, and heavy metals.

It also adds small amounts of healthy minerals to the water to make it alkaline. So if you are looking for an alkaline water pitcher, pH Replenish is a great choice.

Like pH Vitality, pH Replenish has versatile functionality. In addition to filtering and storing drinking water, you can also use it to make fruit-infused water or as a wine pitcher.

Issues & Limitations 

The glass construction looks good, but it’s fragile. Several customers have already reported broken pitchers (the manufacturer sent replacements).

Be careful when you put the Pitcher down, especially on a hard surface such as the kitchen counter.

Bottom Line 

The glass could be thicker, but as long as you are careful, the pH Replenish pitcher will serve you well for years. It’s a great choice if you love the taste of mineral alkaline water.

11. Best for Filtering Germs: LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitcher

LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitcher

LifeStraw is best known for its emergency and outdoor water filters. They also make a home water filter pitcher.

Similar to LifeStraw outdoor filters, the LifeStraw pitcher also removes bacteria, cysts, and a variety of other microorganisms (except viruses) from water.

If you are worried about waterborne germs in your tap water, LifeStraw is a great choice.

The glass construction is a nice touch, especially if you’d prefer not to use a plastic pitcher.


  • Removes a wide range of contaminants, including bacteria.
  • Made from shatter-resistant glass.
  • Beautiful design.


  • Slow filtration.
  • Small capacity – requires frequent refills.
  • The filter housing is plastic.

Our Review

best alkaline water filter pitcher

If you are not a big fan of glass pitchers, LifeStraw also sells a plastic version with the same high-performance filter. You can select the plastic one on the same Amazon page.

So don’t let the fact that it’s made out of glass stop you from buying the LifeStraw pitcher.

Another reason you may want to go with the plastic one is that it costs half the price of the glass pitcher.

Both pitchers use the same three-stage filter. The first stage is a 0.2-micron micro-filter, the same one used in LifeStraw’s emergency filters.

It removes bacteria and a variety of other parasites, including cysts and protozoa. But it doesn’t remove viruses. The micro-filter also removes 99.999% of microplastics.

The other two stages consist of activated carbon media and ion exchange resin. Together, they remove heavy metals, chlorine, chemicals, and tastes & odors.

The micro-filter has a long 264-gallon lifespan. For an average size family, it’ll last one year.

The carbon and ion exchange filter have a much shorter lifespan of 40 gallons. Replace it every 1-2 months.

The glass pitcher is rather small, with a capacity of just 7 cups. It’s perfect for 1-2 people. For larger families, you’ll have to refill it frequently.

Issues & Limitations 

The two most common issues raised by customers is a small capacity (it’s frustrating to keep refilling it) and the slow filtration.

Another common complaint about those who bought the glass pitcher is the plastic pitcher housing. It doesn’t make sense to buy a glass pitcher if your water will still be in contact with plastic.

If you want to avoid water touching the plastic, you can only add about two cups of tap water to the filter.

The Invigorated Water pH Replenish pitcher has a much better design consisting of a glass body and stainless steel filter housing.

Bottom Line 

The LifeStraw pitcher is one of the few filter pitchers that remove dangerous germs from your water. It filters at a snail’s pace, but it works.

If you find it too slow, filter the water and store it in a larger pitcher for easier access.

12. Best Value: AquaBliss 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

AquaBliss 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

If you want a large-capacity pitcher with a high-performance filter and a pocket-friendly price, we recommend AquaBliss.

It costs less than some smaller pitchers and removes a wide range of impurities.

Replacement filter: 3-pack available on Amazon


  • Good value for money.
  • Large capacity – ideal for families.
  • Affordable replacement filters – lower maintenance costs.
  • Filters water quickly.
  • It comes with a filter replacement reminder.


  • Lid doesn’t secure tightly.

Our Review 

AquaBliss Water Filter Pitcher

The AquaBliss Pitcher is a good pocket-friendly choice for families. It’s large 10-cup capacity meets the needs of most families.

The filter is a bit basic. It removes only the most common impurities including chlorine, tastes & odors, chemicals and some heavy metals.

But that’s enough for the tap water in most homes. It greatly improves the taste of your drinking water. And because it doesn’t strip out minerals, you water still has that great earthy mineral water flavor. In other words, it doesn’t taste flat.

AquaBliss touts their long-lasting filter every opportunity they get, claiming it lasts up to four months. If you use the Pitcher alone or with one other person, the filter will likely last that long.

But for most families, the lifespan is more like 2-3 months.

That’s because AquaBliss doesn’t make very clear on the product page that the filter’s capacity is 80 gallons. That’s the figure that matters, not the number of months since that varies depending on how much drinking water your family uses in a day.

80 gallons is actually pretty good for an average-sized family. And even if you have to buy a new filter every couple months, the replacement filters are cheap.

Issues & Limitations 

For a pitcher of this price, the build quality is surprisingly good. The only small issue most customers have with the Pitcher is the lid.

The lid doesn’t secure tightly to the Pitcher, and the unfiltered water at the top can leak out when you tip the Pitcher.

To prevent this, hold the lid with your hand when you pour water.

Bottom Line 

The AquaBliss Pitcher is a great choice if you are looking for a good bargain on a large-capacity filter pitcher.

13. Best for Lead Removal: PUR PPT111W Ultimate 11 Cup Pitcher

PUR PPT111W Ultimate 11 Cup Pitcher

If you are concerned about lead contamination in your tap water, the PUR PPT111W 11-cup pitcher is the best choice.

It has a special lead-reduction filter that removes up to 99% of lead in your drinking water.

With its large 11-cup capacity, it is perfect for most families.

Replacement filter: Available on Amazon


  • Removes almost all the lead from water.
  • It also removes a wide range of other impurities.
  • Large capacity.


  • Filter doesn’t last long.
  • Lid leaks when you tip the Pitcher.

Our Review

best water filter pitcher

Lead contamination in city water has become a major problem in thousands of US areas, some far worse than the well-known case in Flint, Michigan. 

Most of this contamination comes from old lead water lines used by cities and municipals.

If you suspect there is lead in your water, we recommend getting it tested first. If, indeed, there is some, buy the PUR PPT111W lead-reduction filter pitcher.

It’s a cheaper alternative to a whole-house or under-sink filter system.

The PUR PPT111W pitcher has a two-stage filter. The first – activated carbon – removes chlorine, chemicals such as pesticides, and several heavy metals.

The second stage targets lead, removing up to 99% of it as well as microbial cysts.

The filter has a 40-gallon capacity, which translates into a month or two of use. The Pitcher holds 11 cups of filtered water, enough for an average size family.

Issues & Limitations

The PUR PPT111W has an issue that most other filter pitchers also have – a leaking lid. When you tip the Pitcher to pour out drinking water, some of the unfiltered water at the top leaks out unless you hold the lid.

Bottom Line 

The PUR PPT111W 11-cup pitcher is the most affordable way to deal with lead in your water. It’s cheaper than an under-sink or RO filter and doesn’t require any installation.

14. Longest Lasting Filter: Seychelle pH2O

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

One of the downsides of most water pitchers is that they need frequent filter replacements. Most use filters with a capacity of 40-100 gallons.

The Seychelle pH20 is the standout pitcher with a 200-gallon capacity filter. While most pitchers need a new filter every 1-2 months, the Seychelles pH20 can go 3-4 months, and for smaller families and individuals, up to 6 months.

Replacement filter: 2-pack available on Amazon


  • Long-lasting filter – lower maintenance costs.
  • Removes a wide range of contaminants.
  • Produces alkaline water.
  • Compact design allows easy storage in the refrigerator.


  • Pricey.
  • Lid pops off when you pour water.

Our Review

alkaline water filter pitcher

The Seychelle pH2O is a good choice if you don’t want to keep buying a new filter every 1-2 months.

The pH2O’s 200-gallon filter easily lasts 4 months for most families. For homes with 1-2 people, you can go up to 6 months before you need a new filter.

This not only makes maintenance easier but also cheaper.

The Seychelle pH2O uses double filters to increase filtration performance. Each filter removes lead, chlorine, chemicals, fluoride, and heavy metals. It also clears up any tastes or odors in the water.

Also, the filters turn the water alkaline by adding healthy minerals. These minerals make the water healthier and tastier.

The Seychelle pH2O pitcher has a capacity of 0.5 gallons or 8 cups, making it ideal for individuals and small families.

It has a compact design that makes it easy to store in the refrigerator.

Issues & Limitations

We hoped that the higher price tag of the Seychelle pH2O pitcher would save it from the lid problems we’ve seen in all other pitchers.

Unfortunately, you’ll still need to hold the lid down when you pour water lest it pops off.

Bottom Line 

A secure leak-free lid would earn the Seychelle pH2O a perfect 5-star rating.

But even with the problematic lid, the Pitcher is still a great choice for anyone looking for a low-maintenance alkaline filter pitcher.

15. Best Powered Water Filter Pitcher: Aquasana Clean Water Machine

Aquasana Powered Water Filter Pitcher

Almost all filter pitchers work the same way. Water trickles down through the filter by gravity. The filtered water collects at the bottom.

It works, but it’s slow. To speed things up without compromising filtration performance, Aquasana made a powered pitcher.

The Aquasana Clean Water Machine forces water through the filter, giving you lots of fresh filtered water in less time – up to a ½ gallon per minute.

Replacement filter: 2-pack available on Amazon


  • NSF-certified.
  • Long-lasting filter.
  • Removes a wide range of contaminants.
  • Fast filtration rate.
  • Slim pitcher design easily fits in the refrigerator.


  • More expensive than conventional water filter pitchers.
  • A bit noisy.
  • Some leaking problems.

Our Review 

best rated water filter pitcher

As long as you are willing to pay 2-3 times the price of a conventional water filter pitcher, the Aquasana powered pitcher will save you time waiting for filtered water to collect in the Pitcher.

Instead of relying on gravity like other pitchers, Aquasana uses a small electric pump to force water through the four-stage filter.

The result is a much faster filtration rate. While other pitchers can take 10-30 minute to fill an 8-cup pitcher, the Aquasana Clean Water Machine filters 8 cups of drinking water in one minute.

The filter consists of activated carbon that filters out chemicals, catalytic carbon to remove chlorine and chloramines, ion exchange to reduce heavy metals and a mechanical filter that removes asbestos and microbial cysts.

The filter has an impressive lifespan of 320 gallons. It’ll last 3-6 months depending on your family’s water consumption.

The Pitcher has a capacity of 8 cups or 0.5 gallons. It’s ideal for individuals and small families. For large families, we recommend the 16-cup Aquasana powered dispenser.

Issues & Limitations 

As expected, the Aquasana powered pitcher costs more than conventional pitchers. But we think it’s worth it. It produces filtered water quickly and the filter lasts long, which lowers maintenance costs.

A couple of issues mentioned by customers include a bit of noise from the internal pump and some leaking from the Pitcher.

Bottom Line 

If you are frustrated at how slow water filter pitchers are, get the Aquasana Clean Water Machine.

Benefits of a Water Filter Pitcher

Benefits of an Alkaline Water

An obvious benefit of a water filter pitcher is that it, well, filters water. All water filter pitchers can reduce common impurities found in water, including chlorine, sediment, industrial chemicals, and some heavy metals.

But other types of filters can do that just as well. In fact, larger filtration systems can remove more impurities, filter more water, and work faster. So why not get an under-sink or whole-house system?

Here are the biggest advantages of a water filter pitcher over other larger systems.

  • A water filter pitcher is cheaper. Most pitchers cost less than $50, while a good under-sink system starts at $200. A whole-house system can easily cost over $1,000.
  • A water filter pitcher is cheaper to maintain. Even though pitchers need frequent filter replacements, their filters are way cheaper compared to filters used in under-sink or whole-house systems.
  • A water filter pitcher doesn’t need any installation.

Here’s the bottom line: A water filter pitcher is a good choice if you want filtered and better-tasting water for drinking without spending a lot of money on a filtration system.

Pros and Cons of Water Filter Pitchers


  • Cheaper than other filtration systems.
  • Cheaper and easier to maintain.
  • No installation required.
  • Portable.
  • It greatly improves the taste of normal tap water.
  • Water filter pitchers remove the most common contaminants from tap water.


  • Most cannot be used with well water.
  • They filter only small amounts of water.
  • They work slowly.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing a Water Filter Pitcher 

Water Filter Pitcher for Families

1. Capacity 

Water filter pitchers range in capacity from 5 cups for compact personal pitchers to 18 or so cups for large family-sized pitchers.

The best capacity depends on the size of your family and how much water you drink every day.

If you live alone, a 5-cup water filter pitcher is enough. For 2-3 people, there are plenty of 8-10 cup pitchers to choose from.

Larger families of 4-6 people will find a 15-cup pitcher to be ideal. For extra-large families with more than 6 people, get an 18-cup pitcher, or choose a water filter dispenser.

2. Filtration Performance 

After deciding how big of a pitcher you need, check how good the filter is. Specifically, check which impurities the filter removes.

An NSF-certified filter is ideal, but most pitchers don’t have this certification, so you just have to trust that the manufacturer is honest.

At the very least, the filter should remove:
  • Chlorine
  • Chemicals such as pesticides and pharmaceuticals
  • VOCs
  • Some heavy metals like lead, mercury, and copper
  • Sediment/cloudiness
  • Tastes & Odors

For a bit more money, you can get a water pitcher that removes tougher impurities such as fluoride, radiological compounds, bacteria, and microbial cysts.

Choose a filter that meets your water safety needs. If you are concerned about lead in your water, make sure the filter can reduce lead. If your worry is radioactive contaminants, check that the filter can deal with them.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get your water tested before buying any type of water filter.

3. Filter Capacity 

Filter capacity refers to the amount of water a filter can handle before you need to replace it. For most water filter pitchers, capacity ranges between 40 gallons and 200 gallons.

A higher-capacity filter reduces maintenance costs since you don’t need to buy a new filter very often.

A 40-gallon filter will last about one month for an average size family. A 100-gallon filter will last 1-2 months, while a 150-200 gallon filter can last 3-4 months.

4. Material 

Most water filter pitchers are made from plastic. If you prefer something non-plastic, there are several glasses or stainless steel pitchers. But they cost more.

If you go with a plastic one, make sure it is BPA-free.

Care and Maintenance of Water Filter Pitchers

water filter pitcher replacement

The most important part of maintaining a water filter pitcher is filter replacement. Some come with a handy filter life indicator to let you know when it’s time to get a new one.

If yours doesn’t, track how many times you fill the Pitcher every day and use that to determine when you’ll reach the filter capacity.

Some filters require regular flushing to maintain good water flow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Filter Pitchers

Water Filter Pitchers

Which water filter pitcher removes the most contaminants?

The Clearly Filtered Pitcher removes the most contaminants – over 230, including heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, radio-logical compounds, bacteria, and cysts.

Do water filter pitchers remove bacteria? 

Most do not. But the Clearly Filtered Pitcher and the LifeStraw pitcher have specialized filters that can remove bacteria, cysts, and protozoa.

How long does a water filter pitcher last? 

Most filters last between 1 and 3 months before you need to get a replacement filter. The Pitcher itself can last many years with good care.

Can a water filter pitcher filter well water? 

No, most water filter pitchers cannot filter the bacteria, salt, and high levels of TDS in well water.

Where To Get The Best Deal on a Water Filter Pitcher 

life water ionizer

Most companies offer frequent coupons and discounts on their water pitchers. Check their official websites or Amazon product pages for the latest offers.

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