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Alkaline Ionized Water

Proven Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water

Health Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water

Tyent UCE 11 ionizer

Water is the essential nutrient to all living beings! Water brings nutrients to your cells. It lubricates your cells, makes them resilient, and in better shape to do their functions.

Additionally, it helps to transport wastes out of your body. The percentage of water in your body is somewhere between 60% and 75%. With air, water is the most necessary molecule for life.

Why is Alkaline PH Required in Our Water?

Bodies will need to be alkaline to eliminate toxins so we can be healthy

People tend to eat foods that are too acidic; it is tough these days not to. This makes our bodies too acidic, which might result in sickness and disease. Our blood would always be about 7.365 pH but the interstitial fluids' pH may fluctuate, and a lot of acidity in these fluids may result in disease.

Within our bodies, our cells, organs, and tissues require varying levels of alkalinity. The gut enjoys alkalinity between meal times. A significant advantage of alkaline ionized water is that it helps to balance the pH in the body's fluids when you consume it all through the day.

Water is the richest molecule in the human body, and if the water you drink is slightly alkaline, it helps buffer and paves the way for acidic wastes to move from the cells and tissues, where they otherwise could be trapped.

Our Bodies Can Heal Themselves

The body can fight off disease from inside, by itself, without the assistance of medicines. This is a relatively well-known phenomenon, particularly one of those who prefer natural healing.

Alkaline ionized water is maintained by lots of people from all walks of life to have helped them in their journey to heal themselves spontaneously or stay healthy.

Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water

Alkaline Ionized Water

Alkaline ionized water is most beneficial for health. Alkaline ionized water contains two crucial differences from tap-water:

  • It provides pH-buffers to help in balancing your body’s pH, and 
  • It comprises natural, healing, antioxidants.

What’s a Water Ionizer and What Are The Advantages Of Ionized Water?

Life Ionizer MXL 13

You get alkaline ionized water by using a water ionizer. This is an alkaline machine which gets connected to a water source and divides the water clusters into two streams: acidic water and alkaline water.

A water ionizer contains two output hoses for this. Alkaline water usually comes from the top flexi-hose [spout], and contaminated water comes from the bottom hose which is generally positioned behind the water ionizer to drain in the sink.

When acidic wastes become trapped in our cells, it disturbs cell functions.

The inability to rid of acidic wastes contributes to the most of America's common illnesses (allergies, colds, diabetes, obesity, acne, headaches, indigestion and cancer      ).

For preventing this deception of acidic wastes, our cells have to be continuously bathed in lightly alkaline pH water. It is found that the best remedy to allergies, colds, acid reflux, acne, etc. would be to consume ionized water from an efficient water ionizer.

Alkaline water machines and pH-Balance

Bodies will need to be alkaline to eliminate toxins so we can be healthy. The PH buffers in alkaline water enable the body to neutralize acidic toxins, or other components, that are striking and damaging cells. Eliminating toxins can prolong the life span of your cells. Without this capability, cells may become mutated or perish.

Fatty-acids are a perfect example. Toxins become trapped in our fat cells and prevent us from losing weight if we do not have immediately available buffers for them. People often wonder what they require to do to eliminate stubborn fat. PH balance is the main factor for that.

The other thing that toxins do is settle into joints or fix the uric acid crystals. These are ways that the body has emerged to protect us from the alternative: that is death. [Allowing one's body to go too far from its healthy pH balance, with no developed protective mechanisms, would mean we would die a good deal faster.]

Medical Fact: The blood has to maintain a balance of approximately 7.365 pH at all times. The option is a pretty speedy death.

Cells have to be continuously bathed in somewhat alkaline pH water to be hydrated and cleansed (draw the acids from the cells). Among the advantages of ionizing water is attaining this and other kinds of balance within the body.

Difference in Drinking Ionized Alkaline Water

If you are drinking ionized alkaline water from the last many years, you could sense how blessed we are; how healthy we are; it is remarkable!

Antioxidant Advantages of Ionized Water

Based on the flow-rate and preferences

One of the best advantages of alkaline antioxidant water is the energy of its antioxidants from free-radicals and cellular damage. These antioxidants are known as molecular hydrogen. They're hydrogen, H2, molecules that have been proven to be the most effective and safe antioxidants for combating free-radicals.

Hydrogen antioxidants are so modest that they could easily penetrate cell membranes and perform their work where no additional antioxidant can. Molecular hydrogen, also referred to as hydrogen gas, is the smallest, most natural, and many lipid-soluble of these antioxidants.

How it works is H2 (Hydrogen Antioxidants) get dissolved into the alkaline antioxidant water and will stably remain simmer for many hours. As soon as you drink these antioxidant-rich water that it benefits your body. Many researchers, doctors, and lay-people, alike, have seen the benefits of hydrogen-enriched ionized water.

Examining molecular hydrogen antioxidants with vitamin E and C molecular hydrogen antioxidants are :

  • more potent antioxidants 
  • have no side-effects,
  • can actually regenerate other antioxidants, such as C and E, to eliminate their possible negative side-effects,
  • are lipid-soluble and
  • they could enter cells when another antioxidant cannot. With hydrogen antioxidants, even when they get “used up" they evaporate and cause no damage themselves.

Antioxidants and ORP

Antioxidants aren't precisely the same as ORP.  ORP stands for "oxidation-reduction potential." ORP is the capacity of ionized water to decrease oxidation in the body.

Oxidation: Oxidation is what is happens to iron as it rusts. It happens inside our bodies all of the time and leads to diseases. Oxidation is a chemical process.  Free-radicals including active oxygen [O2+] circulate the body, damaging cells and stealing electrons & a free radical is an unstable molecule including an unpaired electron.

It requires another particle to be steady and takes it from the cells. Ionized water generates a negative ORP, which is truly good since it contains plenty of electrons to donate to be able to neutralize free radicals and repair cell damage.

Another Advantage of Ionized Water: Micro-Clustered Water

Water is typically found in large clusters. Alkaline water ionizer machines split down the water from larger groups of water molecules into smaller ones.

By producing micro-clusters, a water ionizer generates water which is more easily able to pass through tissues, pores and cell membranes. Hence alkaline ionized water will hydrate the cells and body better and quicker.

What You Get From a W​​​​ater Ionizer

Aquasana 5300.55

Based on the flow-rate and preferences, the alkaline water output of your water ionizer can usually lie in pH range 8.5-10 [sometimes even higher]. If your source water is currently strong alkaline, your alkaline ionized water range of pH will be higher.

Some people ask if it's still advantageous to ionize the water if the tap water is currently alkaline. Response: Yes it is because alkaline ionized water is full of antioxidants and tap water isn't. Your body can adapt to these pH differences.

The critical fact is that a water ionizer only lightly alkalizes the water. This water has little prospect of adverse effects. But in case you already like the pH of your source water and want to keep it where it is, your very best choice would be to find a Hydrogen Water Machine. This way you're getting the molecular hydrogen antioxidant benefits mentioned previously.

Superior Filtration with Alkaline Water Ionizers

Alkaline ionized water also benefits our stomach

In addition to the other advantages of ionized water, a water ionizer will generally give you excellent water filtration.

A water ionizer can enable you to remove: Chlorine, Chloramines, heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and several other contaminants from the water.

Additionally, alkaline water ionizers will often make you slow down your speed of pouring water just enough to use your water filtration to the maximum efficiency. A slow flow via a fantastic water filter provides you the best filtration.

Note: The best water filtration system that has been developed has been designed for water ionizers, ultra water filtration.

How Water Ionizers Help the Stomach and Colon:

Alkaline ionized water also benefits our stomach!

Some people are always confused about the stomach and believe it always wants to be acidic. That's far from the truth. The stomach does have to be acidic for foods, and if you add a squeeze of lemon into your alkaline ionized water in meal-times, it won't upset that balance.

In-between mealtimes, the stomach likes to be more alkaline. The water we drink in-between meals (provided that it is slightly alkaline) has the capacity of absorbing to the rest of our body through the walls of the stomach.

Alkaline ionized water enhances digestion. Throughout the whole part of your intestines, where significant phases of metabolism happen, it's healthier to have slightly alkaline water.

Excellent bacteria in the gut prefer slightly alkaline water. So, during the between-meals times, an individual needs to sip on alkaline ionized water throughout the day.

One benefit of ionized water is enhanced conditions in the GI tract such as better elimination, digestion, energy, and general health.

Water has no calories, and therefore it does not activate digestion or reduce the stomach acids in any respect. It merely absorbs into your body or goes directly through to the intestines in a few minutes.

The stomach can accommodate to all pH-levels of alkaline ionized water. It's weakly alkaline (meaning it can neutralize with just a fall of HCL) and doesn't pose a danger to digestion in any respect.

The Colon

The colon indeed requires an alkaline pH. Colon cancer [which is among those top-10 killer diseases] could be avoided so far better compared to “heal" after-the-fact.

Dr. Shinya, the inventor of the colonoscopy, has done plenty of work with that. He significantly recommends alkaline ionized water as part of the daily schedule to help people cure their colons so that they do not get cancer.

An Alkaline Diet and Alkaline Water Health

, a water ionizer will generally give you excellent water filtration.

The body acidity depends on the foods we eat and drink, exercise, tension & anxiety and some more factors. Our daily diet should be 60-80% alkaline, but the truth is it is usually just the opposite -- roughly 60-80% acidic!

Animal proteins, dairy products, grains, soft drinks . . . are all acidic and therefore are potentially going to be kept in the body as acids. [It is not so much that the food itself is acid, even though it often is, but it's that the byproduct of digestion of that sort of food is acidic.]

Too much acidity in the body is harmful. An acidic body environment carries many diseases. Thus, when you “cure" them without altering the everyday routine that got you there, you take the risk of getting whatever you'd come back.

Huge advantages of drinking alkaline water lie in the region of providing you the buffers that you will need to handle whatever comes along and protect against disease before it overcomes your body systems.

Is Alkaline Water Good for Everyone?

Honestly, there are people who have sufficient alkaline buffers and do not particularly require alkaline water. Although, even in this case, the benefits antioxidant are great. That individual should get a hydrogen water system instead.

Many times various family members have varied alkaline requirements, so it is very convenient that water ionizers have a lot of pH-levels to select from. Selecting the lowest level on a water ionizer, however, won't give one “medical levels" of molecular hydrogen, so we suggest purchasing a hydrogen system also or instead.

Also, children under two years old are already alkaline enough and usually must just be given filtered water with that setting on the water ionizer. However, anyone, from babies to old age, sedentary or active, healthy or sick, may benefit from infinite amounts molecular hydrogen antioxidants, and for them, a hydrogen system is an excellent choice.

Types of Water Ionizer Devices and Difference Between Them

Eddy Electronic descaling device

There are three main kinds of water ionizer devices: electrical water ionizers, hydrogen water machines, and non-electric filtering water ionizers.

According to our research, alkaline water advantages with electric water ionizers are superior to non-electric water ionizers, but all three devices have their benefits.

Hydrogen Machines and Electric water ionizers are necessarily expensive because to be safe and effective they should have pure titanium plates coated with pure, medical-grade platinum.

The platinum, independently, has a significant influence on the price tag. Electric water ionizers are fitter and better since they will ionize all the healthy, alkaline minerals [such as magnesium, calcium, potassium] and non-electric water ionizers will only ionize magnesium. Ionizing the crystals make them readily available to absorb into your cells.

All non-electric water ionizers are fundamentally filters, not machines, and are cheaper to make. They filter the water and then add salt to the water in the presence of magnetized ceramics. This approach was initially researched and developed by Dr. Hayashi, but now there are hundreds of devices using this principle.

We've tested several of these kinds of tools and discovered that some worked well [but were too expensive]; a few malfunctioned, and ones that we found work the best and are reasonably priced. We always research this, but regardless of results, the electrical ionizers will still be better compared to non-electric since the body needs calcium far more than sodium, and non-electric water ionizers can just ionize the calcium.

Neither electric nor non-electric water ionizers are natural. When searching the web, you will encounter some sales hype about it. It is just that the electrical one ionizes all of the minerals which are naturally in your water and the non-electric adds sodium, which will spontaneously ionize in the presence of the magnetized ceramics.

Hydrogen water machines are the latest. They are somewhat different as they do not alter the pH; their focus is on incorporating molecular hydrogen into the water, and there are some ways to do that.

Frequently Asked Questions On Water Ionizers

How To Clean & Care for Your Water Ionizer

Q: Why are alkaline machines so pricey?

Response: First, if you compare alkaline water machines to medical equipment or therapy, they are not expensive at all. But here’s the explanation how the cost of alkaline water system breaks down. 1) The water ionizer comprises platinum coated plates. Platinum is rather expensive [over $1500/oz]. Cheap water ionizers which use alloys aren't able to ionize as safely or efficiently. 2) Designs, electronics, fine workmanship, and guarantees are also quite expensive.

Q: Why do electric water ionizers require platinum coating on the electrodes?

Response: The purpose of utilizing platinum by alkaline water machines: Platinum [along with titanium] is sturdy & compact metal and won't break down and filter into your alkaline ionized water even with time. So the electrodes will virtually have long-life, and platinum catalyzes [speeds up] the electrolysis process allowing water to ionize immediately as the water flows through the electrolysis chamber of alkaline water machine. A water ionizer [alkaline water system] would not ionize water well at all without platinum.

Q: Which brand/model of alkaline water system [water ionizer] makes the ideal water?

Response: Several water ionizers are from the category of "best." Provided that the water ionizer is adequately produced, can attain a wide enough range of pH, produces plenty of antioxidants in each of the alkaline pH-levels, and contains a decent guarantee. Then there are additional features to consider.

Q: Are there any warnings about drinking ionized alkaline water?

Response: You should start slowly. Set the controls to the bottom alkaline level. Assuming that the water agrees with you, increase the amount you drink and the amount of ionization intensity. Elevated levels of alkalinity -- around 9.5-10.0 -- are ideal for drinking water; the most  significant levels, 11 pH or high, can be used for cooking. Use the "Purified" setting for water for any medicines your doctor advises not to be taken with alkaline water. Don't drink the acid that comes from the lower spout.

Q: What is pH and how can I test my body's pH?

Response: pH stands for "potential hydrogen." It means how alkaline,  acid, or neutral is something. On a scale of 1 - 14, the acidic range lies within  1.0-7.0 (1 is said to be the most acidic) and 7.1 - 14 would be alkalinity range (with 14 being the most alkaline), and seven would be neutral. In a healthy condition, our saliva must be slightly alkaline (a bit above 7.3). But a vast majority of North Americans and Europeans are in an acid condition, and this can be demonstrated. If you are curious to know whether you are acidic, request our free pH saliva test. In this simple test, individual pH papers are utilized to gauge the acidity /alkalinity of saliva under closely controlled conditions. This may give you a similar, general picture.

Q: Which container is best and what is the best way to store ionized water?

Response: The only great bottle for keeping ionized water is vacuum stainless steel bottles.

Q: Does it alter the pH or ORP of ionized water to mix it with flavor-aids or alcohol?

Response: Yes it does. We have experimented Kool-Aid, Crystal Lite and other beverage mixes, and chemically-generated drink mixes eliminate a lot of the advantages [of both pH and ORP] of ionized water. They will make it acidic often. But, adding alcohol to ionized water does not alter the pH or ORP for some reason.

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