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Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Review

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 is the most powerful alkaline water machine that Air Water Life sells.

It’s surprisingly affordable as compared to other top-end water ionizers with comparable features. It is a great choice for families that are looking for a powerful but budget-friendly water ionizer.

With 9 plates, the Deluxe 9.0 boasts a wide pH range of 3.0 to 11.5, a minimum ORP of -860 and 7 water settings.

It comes with an easy to use touch control panel that includes a reminder to change the activated carbon filter after about a year.

Read our full review below.

To compare it to the even cheaper Deluxe 5.0 and other water ionizers, read our in-depth best water ionizer reviews guide.


  • Powerful 9-plate system – wide ORP and pH range.
  • 7 water settings.
  • Integrated filter.
  • High water flow rate.
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Can be installed on the counter or under the sink (using separate kit).
  • Great value for money.


  • Only one carbon filter. It doesn’t match the filtration performance of high-end water ionizers that often have two or three filters.

Product Specifications


  • Dimensions: 8.3″ L x 4.3″ W x 12″ H
  • Weight: 13lbs
  • Installation: Countertop (can also be installed undercounter using a separate kit)
  • No. of plates: 9 (163 square inches)
  • Plate type: Platinum-coated titanium
  • Power system: transformer (350 watts)
  • Water flow rate: 4 liters/minute (adjustable)
  • Self-cleaning: yes
  • ORP range: -860 to +1000
  • pH range: 3.0 to 11.5
  • Water settings: 7
  • Filter: Activated carbon
  • Filter lifespan: 1 year
  • Warranty: lifetime

Ionizing Performance Of Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0

Aqua Ionizer 9.0

This is the most powerful model in the Aqua Ionizer series. It’s not quite as powerful as some high-end water ionizers that cost double but it comes close.

It is a 9-plate model, which is four more plates than the base Deluxe 5.0 model. The extra plates increase the total ionization surface area to 163 square feet.  

The larger surface area provides better performance, resulting in water with a much wider pH and ORP range (oxidation reduction potential).

3.0 to 11.5 pH Range with 7 Water Levels 

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 can produce water that is very acidic or very alkaline.

Between these two extremes, you can select from seven different water settings depending on your needs.

4 alkaline settings: Best for daily drinking, cooking and brewing coffee/tea.

Purified water: Best for taking medicine and preparing baby food.

Acidic water: Best for cleaning and skin care.

We like how the different settings are labelled. Instead of using numbered levels or just showing the pH value of each type of water, the ionizer actually indicates what you should use that water for.

For the alkaline water settings, the four levels are initial drinking, daily drinking, brewed tea/coffee and cooking.

This is very intuitive. If you are new to this whole alkaline water thing, you’ll know exactly where to start.

-860 Minimum ORP 

Another advantage to having more plates, in addition to a wider pH range, is that you get healthier alkaline water.

While the Deluxe 5.0 can only go as low as -600 and the 7-plate Deluxe 7.0 can reach an ORP of -800, the Deluxe 9.0 can produce water with an ORP value as low as -860.

The lower the ORP figure, the more antioxidant potential the water has and the more beneficial it is for your health.

-860 is not as low as some high-end models that can reach -1,000, but it’s pretty good at this price point.

 You’ll still get a healthy dose of antioxidant hydrogen.

Overall, if you are looking for a high-performance water ionizer at a good bargain, we highly recommend this one.

It gives you most of the perks and features of $2,000+ water ionizers without the high price tag.  

Automatic Cleaning 

Like most alkaline water machines, the Deluxe 9.0 automatically cleans its own plates to maintain the highest level of performance.

The cleaning cycle kicks in automatically when you turn off the faucet and lasts about 20 seconds.

The system also auto-cleans after every 10.5 gallons of water to remove mineral buildup. The enhanced cleaning cycle lasts 30 seconds.

Filtering Performance Of Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0

Air water deluxe 9.0

This is one of the areas where the Deluxe 9.0 lags behind premium brands like Tyent and Life Ionizers.

While these pricey units have at least two water filters, the Deluxe 9.0 has only one carbon filter. It does a good enough job cleaning up chemicals and sediment from municipal water, but it’s not as thorough as other water ionizers.

The filter has a capacity of about 4,000 liters or 1,000 gallons. It will last about a year for the average family.

You’ll get a filter replacement reminder when it’s time to get a new filter.

Installation & Maintenance Of Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0

Aqua Ionizer 9.0

There are three ways to install the Deluxe 9.0 water ionizer.

Normal Countertop Installation:

This is the easiest and most convenient setup. You simply place the unit next to the sink and hook up the inlet tube and connector to the faucet.

You’ll also need t cut another tube length for the acidic water outlet at the bottom. Finish by installing the flexible metal spout on top of the unit where alkaline water will come out.

Optional Wall Mount 

If you don’t have space on your counter or you like it better when the water ionizer is mounted, it comes with a wall mounting option.

Use the included drill mounting guide to make two holes in the wall. Insert the expansion screw anchors into the wall and then screw the provided stainless steel screws partly into the anchors.

Hang the ionizer on the screws using the two notches on the back and proceed to hook up the tubes and hose as you would during normal installation.

Remember to check the water ionizer for leaks after you finish installation. Focus on the points where the tubes connect to the faucet and the inlet/outlet ports on the ionizer.

Undercounter Installation

If neither of the above installation options is ideal for your situation, you can also install the Deluxe 9.0 under your sink.

It is more tedious and will take longer but it’s great for those who want to save space on their countertop without mounting the unit on the wall.

Unfortunately, the water ionizer doesn’t come with the parts you need to install it under the sink. You’ll have to buy an installation kit separately.


Maintenance is easy. You only need to change the filter and manually clean and descale the unit. You do both once a year.

For the filter, there is a reminder that will go off on the display when it’s time to replace it. This is also a good time to clean the water ionizer.

The unit comes with a descaling agent that you should use when cleaning to remove calcium and mineral buildup on the plates and other components.

Check the manual for specific cleaning instructions.

Note: If you live in a hard water area, you might have to clean your water ionizer more frequently to prevent excess mineral buildup, which would affect ionization performance.  

What We Like The Most About The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0

Deluxe 9.0

The Deluxe 9.0 is a great value for money.

It costs half the price of top end brands but provides impressive performance and versatile options to suit different needs.

Whether you need acidic water for cleaning, alkaline water for drinking or extra-strong alkaline water for brewing coffee, the Deluxe 9.0 has you covered.

It also matches, or comes close, to pricier water ionizers in terms of health benefits. It can achieve ORP of -860, and the water is chock full of beneficial molecular hydrogen.

If you are not ready to spend over $2,000 on a water ionizer, the Deluxe 9.0 is a budget-friendly alternative that doesn’t compromise on the most important features.

It lacks the bells and whistles of pricier models, but where it matters most, it’s just as good.  

What We Don’t Like About It

Deluxe 9.0 Review

Our biggest gripe with the Deluxe 9.0 is that it contains just a single filter.

It’s enough for most people needs as long as you use it with treated municipal water. If you use well water or your city water contains too many impurities, the filter is not very effective.

Another problem with the filter is that it does not remove chloramine, only chlorine.

If you live in one of the cities that treat their water with chloramine, your water will still have that unpleasant chemical taste and smell. 

I recommend installing an under sink water filter that can remove chloramine and other impurities that the integrated filter does not capture.

The Deluxe 9.0 Is Per​​​fect For You If...

Deluxe 9.0
  • You are looking for a high-performance water ionizer that won’t cost you a bunch of money.
  • You want a water ionizer that can produce several types of water from acidic to alkaline – the Deluxe 9.0 has 7 types.
  • You have no countertop space to spare and want a water ionizer that you can mount on the wall or install under the sink.   

Avoid Buying This One If...

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Review
  • Your city uses chloramine to treat water or you receive well water in your home. If you still want to use this ionizer, install and under sink or whole house filter first.

Our Bottom Line

Air Water life Aqua ionizer 9.0

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 proves that a good quality water ionizer doesn’t have to be expensive. You can still enjoy all the benefits of alkaline ionized water without straining your budget.

If you’d love Kangen or Tyent level performance at a more affordable price point, we highly recommend the Deluxe 9.0.

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